California dental insurance – HMO or PPO?

Dentalplans can be complicated so let me give you a couple pieces of information that may make it easier for you when choosing the right dental plan first of all you need to know the difference between an HMO and a PPO dental plan HMOs stand for health maintenance organization which means that you have to have a primary care dentist and you.

Need to coordinate all your care if you got primary care dentist so if you want to referral to a endodontist or a periodontist you will need to coordinate that care and they will give you the referral to go see that now upside to the HMO dental plan is that they typically don't have waiting periods more of benefit maximums.

So you can get services covered right away on the effective date more after and you can potentially have as much coverage on the plan as you want in any given year downside to the HMO is that a lot of dentists who do not accept the plan so if you know Dennis that you currently go to chances are you'll have a hard time finding him isn't as a.

Member of that network also there is no coverage outside of an HMO Network for service necessary now on the other end of PPO dental clinic stands for preferred provider organization it isn't much more widely accepted in the state of California so if you have a dentist chances are they may be a member of this network the upside to the PPO.

Dental plan is that you can use a lot of dentists in the state also you can have coverage for out-of-network services they're going to be reimbursed in a slightly less amount than a preferred provider but they do have that coverage downsides to the PPO there are waiting periods there are benefit maximum so if you want a filling a root canal or a.

Crown you might have to wait three six or even twelve months after your effective date to get those services governor Howe and the other downside is the benefit maximum it may be as low as $500 or upwards of two thousand but after you go over that maximum you're going to be paying out of pocket for all expenses on the plan so if you find.

Yourself meeting major dental work done within the next one to two months chances are you're going to want to go with one of the HMO dental plans because there's no waiting periods and there's no benefit maximums so you can get coverage right away from those major services and potentially have as much work done as you need to.

However if you find yourself needing preventive routine type dental care and you have a dentist that you want to keep then I would recommend going with a PPO dental plan if you have any other questions or need assistance in helping choose the write down a plan give us a call thank you

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