California Health Insurance Requirement

Most people have life insurance which is great however statistics show that we are much more likely to suffer from a life-threatening illness than we are to die prematurely chances are you may know someone who has been faced with a critical illness have you ever given much thought to critical illness insurance the reality is most Canadians.

Are not aware of its benefits and how it is an important piece to your financial plan if you are diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses you will receive a lump sum cash payment tax-free however if you are fortunate and never become critically ill the premiums that you have paid are paid back to you in full critical illness insurance provides.

Additional funds to help pay for the unexpected costs associated with a critical illness so your energy can be focused on your recovery rather than dealing with financial stress consider the impact to your retirement goals if you had to withdraw from your long-term savings to fund medical expenses that could be in the tens of thousands of.

Dollars protecting your financial stability will give you the peace of mind for you and your family allowing you to focus on what's most important your recovery policies can range anywhere from twenty-five thousand dollars to over five hundred thousand dollars the right amount will differ for each individual and can be tailored to.

Fit your budget you and your advisor will assess what you and your family may need for coverage to protect your financial security in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness essentially it's a savings account but instead of earning interest you have peace of mind we simply view critical illness insurance as a health savings.

Plan with a safety net to protect you and your family's financial future for more information speak with an advisor Campbell financial ensuring peace of mind you

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