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Thank you for choosing Jeff Fowler insurance services for your homeowners insurance policy whether this is your first home or you've owned several we believe it's important for you to have a basic understanding of your home insurance policy the following video will review the key coverages found in your home insurance policy.

The primary coverage found in your homeowners policy is dwelling coverage for coverage a this is the amount of insurance the carrier will provide to rebuild your home – like quality and construction in the event of a total loss this replacement value for each home is unique our offices use estimator tools to determine the correct.

Replacement cost for your home homes will vary in replacement value based on finished square footage your built location attached structures and finishes other structures or coverage being provides replacement cost coverage for any detached structures on your property this limit is typically 10% of your dwelling coverage limit some.

Examples of other structures would be detached garage property fencing swimming pool shed gazebo and outdoor kitchen your limit can be increased if detached structures on your policy exceed the at 10% limit cupboard see of your policy provides coverage for all your personal belongings like TV furniture clothing.

Appliances and toys a standard limit for personal property is 70% of coverage a your policy does put a maximum limit on some higher valued items valuable items such as art jewelry tools or sporting equipment can be scheduled individually to your policy if extra coverage is needed loss of use or coverage D provides additional living expenses if.

You're ever out of your home for an extended period of time due to a covered loss this would cover rent for another home and extra expenses you incur the property damage portion of your policies does have a deductible this means the insurance carrier will pay only claims greater than your deductible for a covered loss some cover losses include.

Fire smoke water falling objects vandalism and Heil what's not covered by your own policy basic wear and tear along with damage caused by floods and earthquakes your home policy also provides personal liability protection and medical payments to others personal liability.

Provides coverage for you if you're found legally liable for personal injury or property damage to others an example of a liability claim would be a guest at your home injuring themselves on an unrepaired step or a tree on your property falling on someone else's property every homeowner has slightly different needs we do our best to tailor.

A home policy that is right for you this is a brief overview of the coverages your home policy provides there are many additional coverages provided by your policy and some exclusions we encourage you to call our office with any questions thank you for your business

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