California Medicare Supplement Plans | Medigap Plans in CA | CA Birthday Rule Explained

All right we're going to take a look at Medicare supplement plans in the state of California my resident state I'm in San Diego today we're gonna look at what the plans costs how to get pricing and compare the plans we're also going to look at the companies in California for the Medigap plans and we're also going to cover the.

California birthday rule which is unique to California the most popular Medicare supplement plans offered in California the three most popular ones are FG n n I talked about my other videos the other plans don't really make sense when you're comparing benefit in price this is really gonna be carrier dependent on the pricing in California for a 65 year.

Old female it's going to be Plan F 135 to 220 a month plan G 115 to 200 and plan at 80 to 195 this is gonna really be carrier dependent and location dependent what's the best plan in California no it's California's unique because of the birthday rule for my cover here in a second but because of the birthday rule.

It's really going to be dependent on location and age as far as the pricing and the premium on the plan and the benefit I'm how that breaks out is really it's dependent on location and age the California birthday rule simply is you need to California actually I think Oregon has it too but in California you can change around your.

Birthday each you can change your Medigap plan from one company to another to take advantage of a lower rate so for example if you have a plan if you can go to another plan F with another company or a plan F to a plan G your planet has to be a plan of equal or lesser benefit you would do this again to take advantage of a lower rate with another.

Hairier and it can do this regardless of your health that's the main point here regardless of your health you can change your Medicare supplement plan each year around your birthday in California so this is unique because most times you just go with the carrier that you know it has a competitive rate when we're comparing plan G to Plan F and most.

States plan G makes the most sense but in California because you can change regardless of your health it can make sense to start off on a plan F and then as that rate goes up you can kind of switch over to the plan G down the road and then go to the plan n I'll go from the plan F to the plan in so it actually makes more sense when we're comparing.

Premiums to start on a plan F in California and not to start on a plan G because you are able to switch to another plan regardless of your health in other states like Texas Arizona you can only change if you're an overall good health so you can get stuck if something happens health-wise but in California you don't worry about that if.

You have any questions on this give me a call 802.11 sir your questions some of the top carriers in California are offering Medicare supplement plans we gotta meet with Omaha Cigna Anthem you know to healthcare these carriers anthem in our health care pretty good um when you're first starting out but they get kind of.

Pricey later on IAC has been really really competitive in the last few years in California and Cigna has two carrier selection is not super important in California because you do have that birthday rule to can change regardless of your health so you're never going to be stuck with one company so it makes no sense just go with the company that has.

A most competitive rate for the given plan letter you're looking at so we go with the Cara's got the best rate for Plan F plan G your plan another whatever plan you decide on the best way to compare rates between all the companies and the plans you can contact me directly at 800 to 0-8 for.

974 again 802 Oh eight four nine seven four or we can simply jump on my website Medicare savings Center comm you can request a quote right on the site and will reach out to you and go over rates with you this is all free of charge and we are completely independent and work with all the top carriers in California so feel free to reach out or go on the.

Site and request a quote and we've glad to help you out

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