Cheap Car Insurance in California

Hey WalletHubbers! Today, we’re going to be talking about cheapcar insurance in California. To get right into it, some of the cheapestcar insurance companies in California are Grange, Wawanesa and USAA. Although these companies stand out based onWalletHub’s data, it’s important that you get multiple quotes from different insurersin order to find the best, most personalized rate. Each company has its own way of calculatingpremiums, so one insurer is unlikely to offer the cheapest rates to everyone.

In addition to getting multiple quotes, thereare a few steps that drivers in California can take to find cheap car insurance. For starters, when comparing quotes, makesure that you maximize all the discounts you’re eligible for. A given insurer might not offer the lowestbase rate, but with applicable discounts factored in, it could turn out to be the cheapest. You should also choose the right amount ofcoverage for your needs and your budget. The more coverage you buy, the higher yourrate will be. For instance, drivers in California pay around$1,700 more for full coverage insurance, on.

Average, than the minimum amount of coveragerequired by law.  Similarly, make sure to choose your deductible with care. The higher your deductible is, the cheaperyour car insurance premium will be. But you have to be able to afford your deductiblewhen it comes time to use your coverage. Finally, you should make sure that you donot allow your insurance to lapse under any circumstances. Having gaps in your insurance history increasesyour risk to insurers, which means that you’ll be quoted a higher rate.

On average, drivers in California who don’tmaintain continuous coverage pay roughly 6% more for car insurance than those with fiveor more straight years of insurance history. To learn more about WalletHub’s picks forthe cheapest car insurance companies in California, just click the button here.

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