CoinMarketCap Tutorial – How To Use CoinMarketCap Like A Pro

hey guys what's up welcome to another video episode of coin sutra and i'm your host harish agarwal from last five years we have been teaching you everything about cryptocurrency and today we are going to look into the fundamental one of the very important part of cryptocurrency world that is.

Coin market cap this platform has been around for many years and it lets you check the detail of any project let you check the price of any cryptocurrency and at the same time help you discover lot of exciting new projects so in this video i'm going to show you how to use.

Coin market cap what are the things you can do you're going to discover lot of interesting stuff about coin market cap let me tell you one very important thing coin market cap has been acquired by binance last year and since then they have added a lot of features including.

A way to manage your portfolio which is completely free so we'll look into all of this in this video so without further delay let's go ahead let's have a look at coin market cap all right so very first thing you can go.

To you what you can do is you can create an account if you like or you can you know just simply browse without creating an account i would highly recommend to create an account because it will help you explore many features of coin market cap such as portfolio management and watch.

List otherwise you would not be able to get access to and you can also install coin market cap mobile app on your phone android or ios and you can use coin market cap on your phone all right so very first thing once you are on the website you can see the number of cryptocurrencies they are.

Tracking right now is 9185 the current market cap is close to 2 trillion dollar this is the 24 hour volume the dominance the btc dominance is 55 which is actually on the lower side few months back it was 65 percent ets dominance in the market is 12 what that means is like.

Out of 100 btc has captured the 55 percent of the market ethereum has captured 12.2 percent of the market you can also see the eth fee so rather than using something like eth gas station you can always check your current eth gas fee on coin market cap so right now the gas fee.

Is still on the lower side compared to what it was few days back or what it will be by evening so that's the first part you can always change into dark mode if you like then there are cryptocurrencies that you can explore you know based on various factors you can also explore.

Exchanges which is another great feature to discover new exchanges so you can explore spot exchanges derivative exchange tax exchanges so you know they have their own exchange score that you can see to find out if there is any exchange you let's say you found an a coin which.

Is on a particular exchange and you're not sure how safe or reliable that exchange is this score might be you know somewhat useful so let's say let's check mxc exchange exchange we go to exchange part and unfortunately there is no way of seeing.

Score over here so let's okay so mxc exchange is not here okay it's here the exchange score is 5.3 which is not great compared to you know binance or other popular exchanges but at least it would give you an idea like you know how what is the trust.

Score of this exchange you can always mix it with uh your other research platform like coin gecko or coin sutra to see the score of this particular platform so that's another aspect to it now you can see the current crypto price on this.

Platform which is the one of the very popular use case so let's say if you want to uh okay yeah before that you can always click on search and it would show you all the coins which are trending and some of your recent searches would show up here.

So that's another great way to discover a project which is about to become go viral so whatever projects that you like you can always add it to your watch list so let's say once you add any coin to the watch list like all these coins i've already added them into the watch list.

So i can go to my watch list and then i can track the price of all this coin and see which coin has increased in value in last seven days or 24 hour and then you know make decision on buying or selling so this is another great great way of managing your portfolio.

So let's go back to the home page here there are a few parts like you know you can click on categories like we click on categories then it it has bundle the coins on in under different categories so let's say if i go to tourism i'll be seeing all the coins which are.

Under the category tourism like travel is a project that i i feel very great about it's another project which is part of binance ecosystem and it helps you buy sell flight and hotel tickets but anyways so you can discover lot of projects based on.

Your interest area the categories that you understand and from there you can start by learning more about those platform which let's have a quick look at that also you can also always sort this coin based on the market cap to discover the coins which have lowest market cap and explore that.

Project to see if that project has any steam left or that project has a future so let's say you want to explore audio project you click on the project name and then it gives you a lot of information like you know the website link you can click on the website link and check the website directly.

Then they have the explorer link then the community link which is usually medium twitter discord or other links they have the link to that discord community of this particular project then the contract address you can always click on add to metamask to add this project into your metamask wallet.

Directly then there are tags which is another very important factor that might give you a lot of interesting stuff like for example this project is part of solana ecosystem it's also part of binance labs portfolio so binance lab has an arm which invests in project so.

This audience project is part of binance lab portfolio it's also part of coinbase ventures portfolio and it falls into the music category so this is something that you know you you can find all this information from coin market cap and then you can find the market cap.

Fully diluted market cap the 24 hour volume circulating supply and total supply so this tokenomics is actually going to be very helpful for you to determine if this project is worth worthy of investment or not now moving ahead on the right side you'll find lot of.

Information you can always see the low and high price in 24 hour or in one year low and high price to see where this project uh price is right now so according to this chart like this project is somewhere at the middle of you know from their high of high and low uh and i feel very good about this.

Project again it's not an investment advice but just some of my observation now you can go to market to find on which all exchanges this particular token is available so it's available on binance ftx git dot io uni swap and then you can you know just simply click on this pair.

To go and buy or sell this particular token you can also sort this by volume to find the source the exchange on which the maximum liquidity is available and yeah so once that is done then we move to historical data then wallet section shows you on which wallet this particular token is.

Available or on which wallet you can use to manage this particular token any news related to this particular token if you are watching some of the token that you have invested in this is another great way to keep an eye on all the news related to your.

Portfolio then we have social links where you can find the social media profile link of this project or you know updates from their social media profile all right they have crypto asset score now honestly i'm not uh dwell deep into this particular.

Section so i'll let you explore this option and then we move back to the home page all right so now you can also explore a lot of project based on different categories popular categories like nft for an example and you can sort them based on the market cap.

To find the coin which are part of nft but which are not yet rocketed then you can individually explore those projects to see if those project makes sense something that you would want x uh invest or not and if you want to invest you can always check the markets uh markets to find the exchanges where.

This coin is available so this is some of the aspect of coin market cap then you can also customize section that you want to see like you want to see the price in btc you want to see the 30 day chart or 60 days chart you can click on that and then you know you can customize the whole.

Fill and look of it all right so moving ahead now watch list i've already showed you now there is a sample portfolio that i want to show you so portfolio tracker is a new feature that has added by con market market cap now you can always add a coin let's say you want to add akt you.

Add this coin uh you add the quantity you add the price at which you purchase that you can mention the fees if you like you can add notes to this transaction and uh let's say we added 100 and then we click on add transaction so then the transaction has been added and you will be able to monitor your.

Profit and loss your total holding and you can always like if you once you sold this particular token you can always add the sale value now at this time they don't offer automatic sync like other portfolio tracker does but if you are looking for something very simple a manual portfolio tracker.

Coin market cap is something that you should definitely look at then there is ico calendar which shows you all the new projects uh which are undergoing ico or ideo right now and also more detail about this project so let's say there is this project called.

Octi uh you'll find this information on how to participate link here you can go and read about it and if this project makes sense to you you can go about and invest in this project now that's another smart way to find you know those projects which have not boomed already.

And you can invest in them then there are a few other products that you want to explore here like you can download their mobile app uh coin market cap has you know one of the best mobile app in the industry they have uh android and ios mobile app that you can download.

Then they have learn part which is a replica of coinbase earn so you can you know learn about different uh project here let's say you learn about one inch and it some of them also once you finish the learning or learning about this particular.

Project you also earn this particular token as a free token just because you spend time learning about the particular project so which is another great way to earn free cryptocurrency that is something offered by coin market cap so guys these are some of the.

Features of coin market cap i'm pretty sure if you are just getting started or if you are somebody who's dwelling deep into cryptocurrencies you will find coinmarketcap to be a very important uh project a very important service to improve your crypto knowledge now it's your turn to let me know which.

Platform are you using to track cryptocurrency price or learn about a project is it coin market cap is it coin gecko or is it any other project at the same time if you like this video do like and subscribe to our channel it would help us to grow and will help you to create more such videos in the.

Future with that i will see you in the next video bye bye this is harsh

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