Copower Delta Dental HMO and PPO Plans

Your employer is offering to a choice of two different dental plans with Delta Dental and it's widely known that Delta Dental provides the best dental coverage in the industry for dental insurance and your employer is offering two different approaches the first approach with Delta is the COPE our Delta Care 12 a plane what this is is a dental HMO plan and so.

Under this particular type of plan there's no charge with the office copay your preventative cleaning cleaning which has the dental coat of 1110 is no charge for the first two cleanings per year and your preventive x-rays are covered at no charge an amalgam single surface filling meaning a filling that only covers one surface of a tooth is a.

Five dollar copay your root canals would be on the molar would be a two hundred and eighty dollar copay and by the way all these numbers here are dental codes under the plan because every procedure under dental has a dental code that's affiliated with it and therefore would have a copay because this is an HMO your ginger Beck to me per quadrant is a.

Hundred and thirty-five dollar copay for full upper and lower dentures it's a four hundred and thirty dollar copay your single extractions which are what we call simple extractions would be a no charge and then a extraction that is complete bony extraction would be a ninety five dollar copay now this doesn't take into consideration this is.

Per extractions that would be done in a dentist office if you need oral surgery there's an entirely different cost porcelain with metal crown would be a two hundred ninety five dollar copay and then the orthodontic copay under this plan is seventeen hundred dollars for a child nineteen hundred dollars for an adult and keep in mind on orthodontia.

That this copay of 17 or nineteen hundred dollars does not include does not include the case study and typically a case study is going to run you around three hundred and fifty dollars for orthodontia work so this again is just a sample list of some of the procedures that are done under this dental HMO a plan the 12 a HMO a.

Option with Co power and this offers you good value for folks that go on this type of plan they typically like a plan that's copay driven and it doesn't have a maximum benefit in a in a particular calendar year this plan has a list of dentists that you must go to and and these dentists are the deltaCare USA dentists so if you go to Delta Dental.

Ans and you're looking at the dentists which will show you how to do you will find that these dentists are the ones under the Delta Delta Dental i ns Delta care dentists this plan over here is the COPE our Delta PPO mm and and what this does is allows you to go to whatever dentist that you want to go to but simply understand that if you would go.

To a non contracted PPO dentists that they're gonna pay the PPO contracted rate your individual deductible under this plan is a fifty dollar deductible and the family deductible is $50 per member the annual maximum to this plan is two thousand in other words once two thousand dollars have been reimbursed to you under this plan then the plan.

Coverage for the rest of the year would pay nothing your preventative which is your teeth cleaning in your x-rays are going to be covered 100% and it does waive the deductible for preventative meaning that that hundred-percent happens without having that fifty dollar deductible the rest of the benefits are subject to the 50 dollar deductible your.

Basic what we call the drill and fill are paid at 80% and endodontic and periodontics Canales and your gum diseases are paid also at this 80% level which means you're going to pay 20% of the negotiated fee and then the major work is paid at 50% which would be crowns and dentures and such and you would pay 50% there is no.

Waiting period for major work under this plan the orthodontic copay or is not covered for children or adults under under this plan and and you can see the the costs that are affiliated with this underneath and we will explain how those costs work towards what your allocated from your employer if you have any questions regarding the dental insurance.

That's being offered through your employer please feel free to give me a call my name is Craig Prince my telephone numbers in area code 9 zero nine five nine zero four four zero five extension 102 or feel free to call me on my cell phone and that is area code nine oh nine seven one seven nine seven three five.


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