Covered California Plans (HMO, PPO and EPO)

Hi everybody my name is david kim with skyline benefit and i am a certified insurance agent with cover california and today i would like to go over the differences between the hmo plans and then ppo plans and epo plans.

an hmo plan for example kaiser everybody knows kaiser and this plan is you you have to find a primary care doctor first so even if you are sick for example and you want to see a specialist you won't be able to uh just go to uh your specialist directly.

You'll have to always start with your primary care doctor and your primary care doctor will have to uh refer you to a specialist so it's a little bit more restricted and however this plan has a lower premiums compared to the ppo plans or epo plans.

A ppo plan offers a lot of freedom for example you don't have to uh have a primary care doctor you can basically go see a specialist without going through your primary so this is very popular and if you have a lot of medications that you take.

Or you need to regularly see your specialist or your doctors then this can be recommended however the cost is quite expensive epo plan is it's a hybrid plan between the html and then ppo so you don't have to have your primary care doctor and then.

If you want to go see a specialist you don't have to get a referral either so it's relatively simple and easy and but however their network isn't as robust as the ppo plan so it's very important that you want to make sure your doctors or your hospitals are in network of the company that you.

Are purchasing your health insurance from so we get a lot of questions from people which plan will be the best plan for me i would say it all depends on your medical needs and also covered california makes it very very easy for you to choose different plan.

Options amongst your family members so you don't have to go with the one plan and everybody can pick a different plan or different plan options for you so it's very simple and easy and i hope that you find this video very useful today and and please don't forget to subscribe.

And like here and we'll come back with more videos for you and thank you for watching today and have a happy and safe day

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