Crypto and Metaverse – Are they Related?

Metaverse and Crypto are both hot topics recently on their own, but are they related in any way? The answer is yes, while they may exist independently, they are naturally complementary. Many believe that the metaverse is the future iteration of the internet – that we’ll continue blending the real and virtual worlds until we can no longer pinpoint the line between the two.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are well-situated to add immersion to the metaverse by making economies of money and assets more connected within the metaverse, and with the real world. Some of this is framework is already in place, but there’s still a lot of room to grow.

Let’s jump in.

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00:00:00 What is the metaverse
00:01:39 The metaverse in pop culture and real life
00:03:48 The metaverse on the blockchain
00:04:42 What crypto adds to the metaverse
00:06:22 Loot and YGG
00:09:20 A vision of the future

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