Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Projects are PUMPING | Bloktopia, Illuvium, GoG + Coins with Value Today

Hustlepedia is back today with a Crypto Gaming update as the Crypto Gaming and Metaverse tokens are going insane today, as Decentraland, Sandbox among many others are seeing massive gains the last few days following Facebooks announcement to join the metaverse, and change their brand to Meta. We follow up Bloktopia, which has now 30x’d entry on this channel, and realistically where the market cap and price of BLOK could reach potentially in the future. Then we look at the quick $3M news sale on Illuvium today upon trailer release, that bounced back within an hour and now is reaching all time highs. A lot more to come for ILV, and I clarify what a news sell entails, big liquidity and big money, etc. Then we look at Guild of Guardians upcoming IDO on Nov. 10th, and a few projects that are potential value buys today that have not pumped the last couple days, including Project Quantum, DeRace, Polker, Virtue Poker, and more.

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0:00 Intro
2:12 Bloktopia 30x – Whats Next?
4:38 Illuvium Quick News Sell & Pulls Back, Now At All Time Highs
5:45 Guild of Guardians IDO Nov. 10th
7:00 Gaming Tokens with Value Today
10:47 Summary


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