Crypto Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know About CRYPTO From The Worlds Leading Experts

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If crypto, bitcoin, blockchain and NFTs are not part of your conversation yet, you owe it to yourself and to the people around you to find out why these terms are being talked about everywhere, and you have an obligation to at least talk about it with the people you care about. Blockchain is the fastest growing technology to ever happen in our lifetime. To not have a fundamental understanding about what this technology is and how it may possibly affect the future is not the best choice.

There’s practically no way that anyone living in 2021 will not see how the internet and living in a 5G world has infiltrated everyday existence. How you interact in your work, schools, businesses, shopping and staying connected with what matters (and doesn’t matter for some) has all been affected by internet and mobile technology. Blockchain technology makes a way for new opportunities to evolve in ways unimagined. The opportunities for cryptocurrency and NFTs are nearly endless.


0:40 | Fastest Adopted Technology
3:20 | Opportunity for Wealth
7:26 | Engineering Influence on Economics
11:00 | Bitcoin Versus Ethereum
18:23 | Better Than Gold
25:52 | Security of Blockchain
31:10 | Crypto, the APEX Property


“This is not just money. It’s the entire exchange, transfer and storage of value for the internet. Whole business models are about to change massively because of what this technology unlocks.” Raoul Pal [11:33]

“It’s important actually, that the criminals and bad actors adopted it first. Because that is the adoption cycle that every great technology takes” Anthony Pompliano [27:53]

“It’s based upon the architecture but, but ultimately, the appeal of it is that it’s an open permissionless protocol that everybody on earth can engage in. Anybody can mine it, anybody can contribute security to the network, and anybody can run their own node, and anybody can own it, and then any company can plug into it.” Michael Saylor [34:01]

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