Delta Dental benefits overview 2021

Power your smile with dental plans from delta dental of washington welcome public employee benefits board program members your benefits let you choose from two delta dental of washington dental plans both plans are administered by delta dental of washington the uniform dental plan is a delta.

Dental ppo plan enroll in this plan if you want the most freedom to choose and use your favorite dentist with the uniform dental plan you choose a dentist from the largest network in the state you don't need referrals to see a specialist.

You pay nothing for preventive care you have to pay an annual deductible and a percentage of your treatment cost for services like fillings and crowns and there is a maximum limit your plan will cover each year orthodontia treatment has a lifetime maximum.

And you are covered when you see an out of network dentist delta care is the delta dental managed care hmo plan it works best for those who want unlimited coverage and set co-pays on this plan you must choose and receive care from a primary care dentist in the.

Delta care network on the delta care plan you are required to use a primary care general practitioner dentist from our exclusive dental care network your primary care dentist must refer you to a specialist you pay nothing for preventive care you have fixed dollar co-payments for.

Treatments like fillings crowns even orthodoxia there is no deductible and no annual plan maximum so after co-pays the plan covers each treatment in full though there is no coverage for visiting an out-of-network dentist both of our plans give you our industry.

Leading customer service from real local people and a my smile account to manage your benefits online and on your phone here's a quick comparison to both plans no matter which delta dental of.

Washington plan you choose we'll be there to support your healthiest smile for more information visit backslash p e b b

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