Delta Dental Federal Employees Dental Insurance Program

Hello and welcome to delta dental's federal employees dental program if you're like a lot of other folks you're probably up to your eyeballs in pamphlets websites and brochures of the different health dental and vision plans available to you we recognize that it can be.

Overwhelming our goal is to help simplify things for you this short presentation will cover the most important aspects of this program review the two plan options and benefits available and show you how choosing delta dental will make your mouth and your wallet smile.

First why should you choose delta dental delta dental was started over 59 years ago by a group of dentists whose sole mission was to take care of people's oral health and do so in a cost-effective manner over the years we have helped millions of people maintain and improve their overall health currently.

Delta dental has over 60 million members in our plans we have also had the distinct honor and pleasure of serving the active duty in retired military communities for the past 27 years and counting under the tricare dental programs dental insurance is all we do and based upon our 98.

Retention rate of current enrollees we do it well next which plan option is best for you as with most things the right plan depends completely upon your personal situation while the standard plan and the high plan cover the same exact procedures the percentages of that coverage as well.

As the maximums and deductibles vary so are you the type of person who typically just visits the dentist twice a year for your routine cleanings and exams perhaps you need an occasional cavity filled or possibly an extraction if so the standard plan might be the way to go.

With an average bi-weekly rate of just ten dollars for self only twenty dollars for self plus one and thirty one dollars for the whole family you'll save more money from the standard plan than you're putting in and that's just if you go for the routine services or maybe in addition to having your.

Routine services taken care of you anticipate possibly needing a root canal gum surgery crown implant or denture do you have kids who might need braces if this sounds like you then the high plan is probably your best fit with an average bi-weekly.

Rate of just 20 dollars for self-only forty dollars for self plus one and sixty dollars for the whole family it covers a higher percentage of the more costly procedures and provides you with a higher annual maximum and a lower deductible the bottom line is that this is your.

Program and it's your choice if you're still not sure what plan suits you best more helpful information can be found via the compared plans feature on our website this feature also has a high level benefit summary.

Further coverage details can be found in the planned brochure keeping you and your family happy and healthy is our number one mission at delta dental one way we do this is through education and wellness programs on our support page there is a link to our smile way wellness site which offers over a hundred articles on dental.

Topics oral health tips content for teens and seniors videos and other information take the smile way challenge to review your potential oral health risk factors get educated on what you can do for better physical and oral health and stay informed about.

How to continuously improve living a healthy lifestyle how do i maximize my benefits now that you have a good idea of our plan options and wellness programs the next big question is how do i get the best bang for my buck and the best services possible the.

Answer to that is very simple visit a delta dental federal employees dental program network dentist with over 234 000 network locations nationwide finding one near you is as easy as clicking this link when you visit a network dentist you.

Have zero cost shares for your routine cleanings exams and x-rays you'll never be charged more than the program allowable amount for any other services rendered nor will you ever have to pay a deductible that means huge cost savings for you.

When you visit a delta dental federal employees dental program network dentist even for just your routine services you will essentially get back all your premiums and then some network dentists also file your claims paperwork for you to maximize your savings it is important.

To make sure your dentist is part of the federal employees dental program by visiting our dentist directory at while we can go on about the program and the tremendous value it represents we think you get the idea dental insurance is our specialty.

It's all we do and all we've ever done since we pioneered the industry of taking care of people's oral health many years ago we are excited to offer you coverage created specifically for the needs and affordability for federal employees and customer service that is our hallmark at delta dental.

So do like 60 million others have done and choose delta dental for affordable rates 100 coverage for in-network preventive care services access to the nation's largest network of dentists and more thank you for your time we look forward to serving you and your family now.

And in the future remember open season begins on november 10th if you're watching this presentation on or after that date please either click enroll now or visit directly to enroll in delta dental if it's not yet november 10th please come back and visit us to enroll.


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