Delta Dental Federal Employees Dental Program

Healthy teeth and gums are an important part of your overall health and keeping them healthy is easier to do when you have a dental plan delta dental is one of the nation's largest dental benefits providers and a trusted leader in dental coverage so you can count on us to be your partner in oral health and wellness with delta.

Dental's federal employees dental program routine services like cleanings exams x-rays and independent fluoride treatments 100 covered when you visit an in-network dentist and you won't have to worry about finding a new dentist because chances are your current provider is in our network.

Don't have a dentist no problem we've got you covered with a large nationwide network to choose from delta dental offers two great plans to meet your dental needs the standard plan and the high plan both plans cover routine care as well as comprehensive dental services like extractions root canals crowns bridges.

Implants and orthodontic treatment and help minimize unexpected healthcare costs your coverage percentages and annual maximums will vary based on the plan you choose and whether you choose an in or out of network provider for care so how do you choose the plan that's right for you if you visit the dentist.

Twice a year for routine cleanings and exams or maybe need an occasional filling or extraction the standard plan may be right for you the standard plan offers quality care at a low premium and a per person in network annual maximum of one thousand five hundred dollars does your kid need braces orthodontics are covered for children.

Under the age of 19. or if you anticipate needing other dental work the high plan may be right for you it covers a greater percentage of the cost for services with an increased per person in network and provides an unlimited annual maximum and an increased age eligibility and lifetime maximum for children's orthodontic services.

The high plan also covers adult orthodontic services in case you need braces too whichever plan you choose delta dental has you covered with affordable rates 100 coverage for in-network routine services and access to our large network of dentists nationwide you will also have access to member discounts on.

Products for your health and wellness visit fedvip to get started today and to learn more about why we are trusted to care for more than 80 million smiles worldwide

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