Delta Dental Is Leading the Way in Accessible Dentistry

I am holly siebery executive director of the delta dental foundation we're at the delta dental integrated special care clinic on the campus of the university of michigan well right now there's a real issue with accessibility in dentistry there are about 6.5 million individuals in the united states who have an intellectual or developmental.

Disability and accessing dental care can be extremely difficult we're helping in a number of ways we're funding clinics like this which are critically important but we've also changed the structure of our commercial dental benefits this is going to allow families to take their child or their family member with a disability for four cleanings a year.

Instead of two it will also allow for silver diamine fluoride and it will allow for what's called desensitization visit everything is set up for this patient population so you've got larger treatment areas a hydraulic lift and most importantly you have staff who are trained to work with this population

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