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I hi I'm dr. Keith Lobo chief clinical officer for delta dental of New Jersey I'm here to share how your dentist can tell if you're at risk for diabetes more than 29 million Americans have diabetes more than 8 million of those people have it but don't know it keeping diabetes under control can go a long way towards.

Protecting your health so you'll be relieved to know how it can be detected during a regular dental exam this is good news for several reasons including that it's believed that there are 27 million people who see their dentist but not their doctor annually here's what your dentist might notice if your risk for diabetes bleeding gums after.

Brushing and flossing red swollen or tender gums receding gums bad breath loose or separating teeth dentures that no longer fit or changes in the way your teeth fit when you bite the fact that these also happen to be symptoms of periodontal disease is no coincidence gum disease has been linked to diabetes and vice versa at delta dental of New.

Jersey we think dentists can play an even bigger role in the early diagnosis of diabetes that's why we're piloting a program where dentists can perform an in-office blood test for those patients with periodontal disease who are at risk for diabetes the screening test requires just a finger prick this will enable your dentist to refer you to your.

Physician where appropriate earlier diagnosis would allow for treatment to be started sooner than might otherwise have happened for more information about diabetes and oral health visit our website and for even more tips check out our oral health and wellness site dental central you.


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