Dental Insurance for Seniors – 6 Great Coverage Options

Have you ever wondered why Medicare left dental coverage out of your Medicare benefits in this video I'll explain my dental benefits were placed on the chopping block and I'll show you six ways that you can find suitable dental insurance for seniors hi there if we haven't met yet i'm danielle Conkle roberts a forbes finance council member.

And cofounder here at boomer benefits where we help baby boomers navigate their entry into medicare so back in the 60s when medicare was first signed into law the American Dental Association opposed the inclusion of dental benefits inside of Medicare and at that time in our nation's history dental insurance was not a common part of employer.

Benefits so it didn't really seem odd to people that it wasn't included of course times have changed but Medicare has not and so with only a few limited exceptions dental care is not covered by Medicare however there are several other great ways to find dental insurance for seniors so first there's a policy that a lot of clients here at our agency love.

Which is an all-in-one dental vision and hearing plan there are no networks so you can see your own providers and there are no waiting periods for preventative or basic services also your benefits will grow with time so it's a terrific option if you want to cover all the bases on things that Medicare doesn't cover like dental vision and hearing now.

If you don't need vision or hearing coverage then you might consider a standalone dental plan these plans are usually network based like a PPO and so you'll get benefits for seeing providers in the network you'll usually pay a copay at the time of service and then your insurance will pay a portion of the usual and customary fee for dental.

Services in your area these plans are pretty easy to find by googling phrases like dental insurance for seniors or individual dental plans your next option is to investigate dental benefits that might be inside a Medicare Advantage plan these are private health insurance plans that pay instead of Medicare and the plans are offered by a variety of.

Insurance companies in your local area one of the unique features of ma plans is that they include extra benefits like dental services in their summary of benefits most of the time the coverage is pretty limited though and it may be preventative in nature every plan is different so you can check out some of the Medicare Advantage plans in your.

Area to see what they might include just be sure that the plan provides the medical coverage that you want otherwise you may compromise your core health benefits just for a freebie dental benefit also another type of dental insurance would be discount plans it actually aren't really insurance because the benefits are not paid by the.

Insurance company they're more like a membership plan where you can just see people in the network at reduce prices you pay a copay at your time of treatment and these are great option if you need immediate treatment since there's no 12 month waiting period for a major service because just a discount plan another option our prepaid HMO.

Plans these have a network of dentists where you must see the providers that are in the network to access your benefits and the dentists offer you reduce rates because they get paid a flat fee by the insurance company every month to see you as a patient you do need to choose a primary care dentist in this type of plan lastly don't forget if.

Your spouse is still working sometimes that employer may offer to carry you on their dental coverage even if you're no longer on their medical coverage so there you have it folks 6 great ways for you to find dental insurance for coverage for seniors on Medicare if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our Channel.

Here for more news and information about Medicare thank you and have a great day you

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