Dental Insurance Fun: HMO or PPO

So, Cate – Around this time of year, we have A lot of patients who are trying to decide whether or not they should get dental insurance. For those that are opting to get dental insurance, they have questions about the differences between the PPO, PDP, DPO plans and the dental HMO plans, like the DMO or the dental HMO. Can you tell us the difference between those two? Yeah! So, for a lot of people.

An HMO is going to be very alluring because it is going to be a cheaper option. The downside of that is your going to have a much more limited network of providers that you can go to. And once you have a provider that's been assigned, it's really hard if you don't connect with that provider to make a change to a different provider. What is awesome about a PPO is – it's going to have a much larger network of providers, as well as you can go.

In- or out-of network and still receive benefits. Additionally, you're going to have more coverage as far as your dental benefits go. That's awesome! That's fantastic!

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