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Delta Dental is already one of the 800-pound gorillas of dental insurance and now it looks as if the gorilla has decided to sit on Massachusetts now this may be a one-off occurrence or it could signify a national trend stick around I want to tell you more thanks for watching the patient.

Attraction podcast now Delta Dental in its many state subsidiaries has a commanding share of the dental insurance market in Massachusetts Delta has an estimated thirty to forty percent market share and is the single largest dental insurer in the state Delta is implementing a change in Massachusetts that has many dentists kind of.

Scratching their heads Delta is moving its insured to a PPO plan that is cheaper for the employers and the patients it's also sharply cutting those reimbursement rates for dentists in fact reimbursement rates are dropping from the 82nd percentile to the 58th percentile now that's a bite that many dentists aren't gonna be able to swallow.

But many of those same dentists can't afford to lose a large part of their patient base either dentistry is certainly no stranger to being squeezed on reimbursement rates but this level of reduction is worrying for several reasons now first off Massachusetts could be a trial balloon for Delta's PPO move and for decreased reimbursements.

Nationwide now that's speculation at this point but it's worth considering why would they be doing it otherwise second if Delta succeeds without major pushback in Massachusetts you can expect other dental insurers may follow suit in Massachusetts and other states and third too many dentists are still marketing to insurance patients and they're liable to.

Be hit straight in their pocketbook again speculation but look at how vulnerable many dentists are to the whims of the insurance companies having too large a share of your patient base motivate motivated by insurance is dangerous not only to your growth but to your survival now that's not to say that you should never take insurance patients.

That's just not realistic for a lot of dentists but there's a way that you can regain control of your financial future that's what dr. Luke Perrigo of Birmingham Alabama did and he's glad about his decision to become a smart box dentist here's something that dr. Luke had to say quote since we've been using smart box we've had.

Great success we're up to averaging eighty to a hundred new patients a month last month we had a hundred and sixty which was a great response the amount of traffic the bigger cases the implant cases that we're getting are ninety percent driven from the website in quote more and better dental patients if that's what you're looking for go to.

Smart box web marketing comm and learn more if you want to know what we can do for you give us a call and you can make your financial future more predictable regardless of what Delta and those other insurers decide to do keep moving forward

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