Differences between Medicare PPO & HMO Plans

Hi this is Sylvia Gordon with gordon marketing want to talk to you about the difference between Medicare Advantage PPO plans versus HMO plans they're both network plans means you have a book of doctors that you're going to get and you need to see doctors in that network with the PPO you generally pay a little bit more money and for that.

Extra money you get the ability to go outside of your network so generally you can go in and out of network you go out you pay a little bit more HMO it's gonna be the cheapest you're generally gonna get the lowest rate with an HMO so we're gonna put tiny little dollar signs down there and generally you have to see doctors that are in that network if you.

Go out of that network then you will pay those bills entirely on your own so for someone that doesn't travel a lot say I leave it I live in this city my kids all live here I spend my vacations here I don't have enough money to you know jet around the country an HMO might be the most economical way.

To go if your doctors are already in it are you willing to switch to doctors that are in it this is definitely a good low-cost option PPO a little bit more flexible you spend some time in Florida and you have kids all over the country this is more flexible for you in both cases you're going to have a list of providers and the one thing that you.

Need to always check you can either go online or best of all call the office directly and say are you still in the network because any provider directory that you get from a company or from your agent it's always outdated it's outdated by the time it's printed those networks those contracts are always changing so if you open the book and your doctor is.

In there that's a good start still call and make sure that they're in there you can ask them when their contract expires if they're due to come out of that Network the last thing you want to do is buy this product and you know your doctors in it and then next month your doctor comes out because with Medicare Advantage in most cases you're locked.

Into a plan for 12 months so if your doctors not in the network you either have to switch to a doctor that's in the network pay out a network extra fees or on an HMO in most cases you'd be paying the whole bill so check that out you have questions I'd love to help

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