Digital Clothing is the Future of Fashion | Dell Talks with Daria Shapovalova

Fashion actually is the language it's a language without words it's a language of emotions of creativity that's what i love about it and it also reacts very fast to what is happening in the world the now i think it's like only fashion that is connected to technology.

My name is daria shapovalova and i'm one of the co-founders of dressex if the notion was physical fashion is when we started from the garment the notion in digital fashion would start with tech we started from technology technology is everything here i remember a fashion industry without any social media and now digital fashion.

That is like interwinging with social media fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world just because like the clothing production involves so many people and so many resources we're not talking about high fashion right it's apparel business it's like huge amount of clothes that are being produced and the.

Amount of clothes that cost like less than let's say five seven dollars were the most harm is happening lots of people started to buy clothes just for the content creation and it there is a famous research by barclays bank that says that in the uk like nine percent of customers who are shopping with credit cards they actually return.

The clothes back just because they bought them for the content creation that's where like social media i think started to trigger consumerism even more because that's kind of the new type of how so many clothes should not be produced and just exist for one word of the clothing on social media we completely want to eliminate the.

Physical aspect of all of that and we started to brainstorm so what we can do if we completely eliminate the physical parts and it was like of course it's the clothes for the content for the videos and for the photos and at the same time the pandemic hit when we understood that the retail will never be the same again when the production of digital item is.

Happening it's 97 less emissions of co2 then the physical item is being produced so basically in terms of sustainability where digital fashion can really help is that if you need an item just for like a fashion story or for wearing it once on social media you can buy it digitally we just need to provide a different solution.

Where there is a choice dressax is the first and the biggest multi-brand retailer of digital only clothes we started with like five designers now we have over 80. it was like 35 items now it's 1400 items address x my co-founder is natalia montenova is the person with whom i worked at many of.

My projects in the past and the third member of the founding team is julie krostnienko and she used to be in technology for 15 years so me and natalia we have fashion background and julie she has a tech background so it's a kind of great different combination so address x the production uh is structured in a different level so first.

Of all in-house we are producing digital garments and it's all done in various programs like cloth 3d and marvelous designer and it takes around two to four days to create one item the designers submit their files and we start the digital dressing we test the files how they work on different images how they don't we're at the moment of time when.

Sometimes it's not possible that you understand that it's a digital item if a person didn't mention that any item can be in the end fit on any body type i see the world where digital clothes are worn and re-worn and traded and worn by someone else it's all about how we can replicate the experience of physical.

Clothes and digital and we never thought that we will we will be buying someone's clothes from a wardrobe i am absolutely confident that in three to five years every fashion brand every fashion designer will have this revenue stream from digital fashion so math is extremely important how the digital garment fits in the final image.

And it's also super important for the machine learning without technology and software engineers and machine learning engineers digital fashion would never exist digital fashion provides so many opportunities to the designers because it's just an opportunity to create something that doesn't have gravity or.

The textures that would never exist in real life those artists who are very good in science let's say and who love physics or who know a lot about space for example they can create uh garments that would never exist in reality and that can kind of uh break the rules of existence my projection is that from three to five.

Years from now every person who likes loves fashion and buys it on a regular basis will also have his or her digital wardrobe it will only continue to grow faster but there are so many significant things that can be done in the world because of the attack and because of all this new knowledge that we receive in the schools.

In ukraine it's only now that we have an opportunity to choose the curriculum when i was learning it was all about the program that i was ought to do so i did not have that my choice i couldn't select the certain curriculum and here it's more about understanding what exactly you want to learn and to spend the time on the.

Disciplines you want to it's not necessarily the case in ukraine when i was studying i think it's changing right now we do have stem education for sure and especially like science tech are very important and math uh it's like the subject that everyone studies in the school and yes team.

Education is absolutely important the story of how we managed to put ukraine on the world's fashion map that's the moment of my career where i'm the most proud of we managed to change something in the entire country culturally the fashion week that i co-established with some other people and designers that project quickly.

Became quite an important one for the ukrainian fashion scene because it completely changed it i was writing for which then became so i was always a journalist also like teaching the stories about eastern european fashion to different magazines.

And also started fashion website and it was the first independent fashion media in ukraine i was also in a wholesale business representing designers to the biggest stories worldwide i realized that like everyone is asking me for the suggestion of how they should develop their business what they should do next.

Open school which was the first private fashion school in ukraine in kiev when i started key fashion institute it was because i realized that there are not so much knowledge that people can receive professional knowledge about fashion in russian language or in ukrainian so basically we all read lots of books right but.

Theory is great but when you do something in practice it can be completely different i think art is essential for every person because i believe like the most interesting ideas are born on the intersection of different areas and technologies or like areas of knowledge so that's why i believe like if someone.

Is studying science it's important to take at least like one course in art i believe to go and do what you've learned simultaneously or when you're learning it is super important so i believe steam is the viable curriculum for everyone because actually i think that's the great foundation of whatever you want to do next in life i.

Think it's really important for everyone to understand that the success can come to any person if you really work hard and when you know what you want to achieve because for me it's a mission it's a mission of how i can change the world of fashion and how i can show to everyone that they can go and build their companies if they really want to.

And if they work hard you

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