Welcome back to cryptozoros i am george we're all george so today i want to talk about four crypto projects that you don't want to miss for 2022. these of course are ones i've talked about in the past but there's just so much going on with these projects so.

I definitely want to bring up some of the highlights and talk about why they are projects you don't want to miss for 2022 all right so let's get started thanks for tuning in smash up the like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day 11 30 and 8 30 p.m central standard time so make sure you hit that notification bell to get.

Notified and follow me on twitter facebook instagram and check out all the latest news article and guides at welcome welcome welcome hopefully you guys are doing good today i mean i know today kind of weird day well first of all i hope you guys caught me on yahoo finance that was.

Last minute literally last minute i had like 15 minutes prepare really didn't prepare you know i kind of kind of guessed what they were going to ask me so i think i did pretty well if you guys didn't watch that video make sure you do so very short only about six minutes long but basically i was asked about why things are stagnant right and.

What to look forward to in 2022 and you guys have heard me talk about uh those things many times in this channel but tonight i want to talk about some altcoins some crypto projects that i believe are still sleepers people are sleeping on them and why you do not want to miss them for 2022.

So now look at look at the overall market camp we know bitcoin is down a little bit but overall still trying to hug that 47 mark and you can see that a lot of all coins have followed is in the red but if you scroll down a little bit more you'll realize well not everything is in the red there are actually a lot that.

Are starting to come back which is quite interesting usually you see this whenever a big recovery is right around the corner so you could see several l ones and several projects overall doing very well today including say like algorand chain link near protocol cosmos phantom right some.

Of the ones i plan on talking about today but not everything is in the green just a few particular ones and what's interesting about this is obviously right now there's a lot of fear you could see that this morning when i covered a fear index it was around 29 tonight it dropped to 23. so now we're in that extreme fear level and this.

Morning when i streamed i gave you guys all the reasons why uh you should not be panicking why retail investors seems to have exited a market and basically it's due to them chasing the gains or trying to chase the gains and being impatient for the rest of us.

We are patient we are here for a long haul we're here to invest for life-changing wealth right so whenever we see fear like this and we ever whenever we like see a clump like this that's a pretty good indication that good things are about to come right including some of these projects that are actually fantastic.

Tonight but with that said let's get started first off i want to talk about cosmos one of the projects i feel is the most undervalued in this space right now when it comes to l ones i believe cosmos is definitely undervalued and i'm gonna show you exactly why but there's a fantastic article on

That was posted today about why cosmos is poised for a giga pump i have no idea why it's called gigapump but uh there are many cases in here that shows why but here's the real the reality of cosmos why it's so undervalued cosmos is the ecosystem of chains so they have interoperability but it's within their kind of ecosystem but.

That's okay because tendermint which is their consensus mechanism is widely used and cosmos does have a really robust sdk so many other projects takes advantage of it and utilize it and build within the cosmos ecosystem and here's the thing that most people don't realize some of the biggest chains out there.

Right now is within cosmos ecosystem and this includes binance smart chain the third largest chain out there this also includes terra okay so these two are absolutely enormous ready people don't realize chronos chain is also using the cosmos sdk.

Right and then there's many others in here even kucoin in their chain and then there's anchor oh and that's you know that's part of terra's ecosystem but oasis secret and there's just so many in here and here's the thing what's beautiful about cosmos is ibc inner blockchain communication a mechanism that allows all these chains to talk to.

Each other to create one big cosmos right hence the name and right now you have some that have turned on ibc for example terra so that means terra usd can now be used in cosmos ecosystem among many dexes and vice versa adam could also be in tara's ecosystem and their d5 products right and chronos.

Also opened up but you have many others that haven't financed smart chain for example when binance opens up ibc that's gonna be absolutely enormous so now you're gonna have pancake swap be able to utilize terra usd and utilize kronos's uh um what's their what's their ducks um shoot i forgot their decks but you get.

My point right there's going to be a lot of cross-chain communication and it's just it's just really fantastic overall for an entire ecosystem and you scroll through here you'll realize that there's 28 ibc enabled chains but overall there's about 49 chains in total but coming in 2022 that's where they're going to be more aggressive and push.

Even further so according to their blog for 2022 there's a couple interesting things for example their ibc will get up to what they anticipate 200 different chains right now to keep in mind it's 28 so they plan on enabling up to 200 chains that's all gonna be connected and utilizing cosmos as a main hub.

For all inner blockchain communication and that is absolutely huge and not only that there's other things they want to implement such as liquid staking which allows people to take a synthetic version of what they staked in this case atom and utilize it for d5 purposes so you're not just locked in or an interest but you're.

Locked in on interest and you're able to use that to use for other products and earn more interest so liquid staking also is a big thing that could be coming as early as february of 2022 and it's going to be built into the cosmos sdk which means that all these other chains like tara if they wanted to implement.

Liquid staking they could utilize it and implement it themselves same thing with binance smart chain so there's just a lot of things going on and lastly as for cosmos their dexes their native dexes is still growing for example osmosis is one of the biggest ones out there there's another one immersed which is still in beta but this.

One shows a liquidity locked in about a billion dollars which is actually really low com compared to some of the other major chains or l1s out there but it's growing and you can see volume is exploding ever since august you could see it has been going upward tremendously and same thing with liquidity so this is also helping.

Drive adam up and if you combine everything i think they are definitely definitely undervalued they have a great potential in 2022 so you definitely don't want to miss out on cosmos all right now moving to number two number two.

V chain a lot of people know that i've been supporting v chain for many many many years and some people have given up on it because this year or last year i should say not this year last year well they haven't been moving right but there are things coming to v chain first of all.

They continue to partner up with all the big companies out there the latest partnership which came a few days ago is fortune 500 companies schneider electric okay so if you look up the partnership for vechain in terms of the business world they have it covered okay and this is not theoretical.

It's actually being used for example here's someone that's actually in a retail store picked up a hat utilize the v chain app and scanned it for authenticity and it shows up so v chain is not a theoretical thing it's already out there being used by some of the biggest companies out there.

And it's already legit but that's not what's interesting okay what's interesting is a couple proposals first of all this one there's a proposal where maybe they should be looking at an algorithmic stable coin kind of like kind of like tara usd and utilize that.

For for usage and also introduce coin burning right so this is something that's pretty interesting because a lot of major chains now have coin burning which causes a deflationary effect right and having a a stable coin a native stable coin is very positive it helps the d5.

Ecosystem and that is one thing that v chain is still lacking right now but they are working very very hard to get that going because right now yes they have b2b cover but b2c in terms of the growing d5 i don't know explosion v chain has not really taken advantage so having an algorithmic stable coin.

Would be a huge thing and implementing stable coins would i mean coin burning will also be a huge thing and also just getting other stable coins getting usdc usdt right just getting other terra usd getting other stable coins into the ecosystem is also going to be beneficial and something that they're working on.

And what else is beneficial is this dexes and now we're starting to see them come out so the very first one is v exchange it's been out for a while but they didn't have pools and farming implemented and they finally did so it's still a growing ecosystem right so they have this but recently zumo swap also came out.

And it is also native decks right that is for v chain and also utilize utilizing sync and v chain thor mobile wallet so now you're seeing an explosion finally of consumer based apps that is relevant for a lot of us right dexes for trading pools for staking and also um you know nfts.

Like one of my partners vmworld they've been operating on vechain for quite some time they're in the gaming nft um ecosystem right but v chain is looking like they want to really push forward in this space for 2022 and if so i definitely think that's go help them move forward so definitely.

One chain you don't want to miss on in 2022 because i do think there's going to be a lot coming for it all right now let's move on to the next two let's talk about phantom phantom is a project that i've been talking about for quite some time very similar to polygon and that's because they started as a.

Layer two and now i consider them a layer one they started as a evm compatible chain very fast no congestion um and solidity compatible so that means dab makers have come aboard and they have been coming aboard and they have been coming on board quite a lot because if you look at their total.

Total value locked it's actually growing by leaps and bounds right now they are at number six even above the likes of polygon as big as polygon is phantom has more value locked in a default d5 system ecosystem then polygon so think about that so they have been very successful in.

Bringing a lot of d5 projects aboard and coming up their own dexes for example quick swap has now been renamed to multi-chain and take a look at this they now have bridges going to ten major streams okay not streams chains which means phantom and the multi-chain now has access to ethereum chronos telos binance.

Smart chain boba meter cello aurora harmony right and they keep adding more so obviously this is really good for the ecosystem helping them grow quite tremendously and not only that take a look at this they tweeted this a couple days ago they started january 1st with only 5 000 addresses.

Now they have 1.5 million look at that growth almost 30 percent through them 30 30 000 growth that's close to their performance their performance by the at the end of the year was around 20 000 so the uni unique address growth is following.

Basically the same growth as the price so there is definitely a lot of things happening on phantom and you go through their twitter you'll find many other projects dexes indexes and more dexes and more dexes that keep coming out and the more that comes out the more value is being locked in the more usage there is so.

This is definitely helping phantom push up in a big way and pretty soon it'll be a big cap so phantom is another project you don't want to miss for 2022 now lastly gotta talk about chain link chain link is one of the big boys they were a big cap.

I think they're still a big cat but they got kicked out top ten but i don't think people realize how big chain link is many people ask me about other oracles you know charlie 3 api 3 or whatever else ergo all these other promising oracles out there band protocol none of them is anywhere close to the usage and.

And having that network that chain link has and provides here's year in chain link 2021 seven pillars of momentum the numbers are staggering staggering right 75 what billion total values occurred in terms of how much value has been transferred across their network.

1.1 billion off chain data 2.5 million plus off chain computation uh 1 000 ecosystem uh projects 700 plus the decentralized delivery of unique data sets but here's what i'm really interested in look at the multi-chain innovation 12 blockchains including all the biggest ones polygon avalanche harmony ethereum uh.

Hoyby and you throw in phantom you throw in some of the l2s like arbitrum and immutable x and others they all utilize chain link every single major chain and almost every single major d5 project utilize chain link but that we know we already know that at.

Least most of us know that right but what makes it really really really really interesting for 2021 up on 2022 excuse me is where is it this cross chain interop ability okay they call it ccip crochet.

Interoperability protocol which is essentially a bridge a massive bridge across all of their chains which means that projects no longer have to develop their bridges or even rely on all these native bridges from these other chains they can utilize chain link that's it using ccip they can access.

Data and provide data to 12 different chains and you know that keeps growing so ccip is making chain link go beyond than just the oracle you can go beyond languages now you could go beyond uh ver smart contracts it's all gonna be interoperable utilizing chain links so.

That is very very interesting and that is coming in 2022 they don't have a set date yet but even in here it talks about how celsius is announcing that they will be moving to or utilizing ccip when it's done right for yield generation activities.

Think about that you can you can offer yield and get into d5 and all these chains simultaneously right so this is why i'm excited about chain link that i know they're already the biggest oracle out there but the fact that they have this bridge that's going to be coming out really makes them a whole lot more useful.

So there you go that's it for for 2022 i i i shouldn't say that's it it's not just these four chains that are going to be doing good in 2022 but these are ones i've covered many times in the past but there's a lot of interesting things that's going on and being developed that could definitely push a much higher in.

2022 all right that's pretty much it that's pretty much it now let's do some q a all right man i am feeling cold i'm cold i need to drink some coffee or something uh scrolling up phantasma would be biggest gainer 2022. i don't know if.

That's true but i am looking into fantasma i covered them very early but now i looked at them again and i realized they have a whole lot of things going on so that is one of the projects that we'll be covering in the future um a lot of people are talking about harmony and people are going nuts about defy kingdoms another project i want to.

Cover most likely i will be doing research papers because i have a whole team now that's helping me kind of doing some of these research but those research papers will come out on patreon first one of the benefits for patrons and i will be covering them in the future but yeah there's just a lot of stuff going on.

Guys there's a lot of stuff going on i know a lot of people are losing faith becoming disinterested right and hearing the fun whenever whenever we go through a lot of stints like this right whenever bitcoin doesn't move it always happens but if.

You pay attention there's just a lot of things going on uh behind the scenes there's really a lot of development and a lot of people that are actually utilizing these dabs right so one of the things i said in my yahoo finance interview today was that hey people may stress that hey we're not.

Pumping right now we're not seeing the upside of things but they forget how fantastic 2021 was and how much that all ones gain how well bitcoin gain right and there's much much more coming in 2022 2022 yes.

Um all right let's see here uh people are asking about you comey yes ecomi still has all the nft license rights that's going to be big going forward i mean licensing no one touched upon licensing right now but when it comes to nfts people are just like minting things left.

And right but eventually you have to worry about licensing your rights so you call me definitely has a ton of them uh chase moore i appreciate it um phantom is better matic i.

I'm going to say i disagree with that but doesn't mean that you don't have to pit them against each other okay and you don't only have all one over the other you can hold both you can hold both um let's see here cell internet router by vat i have never.

Been a big fan of icp but i have been a big fan of v chain they have been under delivering when it comes to dexes um but it's starting to grow and the fact that they're trying to grow their d5 possibly with their own.

Stablecoin and bring others and you know others in i think that's gonna be big for them um let's see here happy new year any thoughts on vpad i i don't know anything about it super google i don't know anything about it uh i'm late to the chat what's your.

Opinion on cosmos price potential jason just rewind and check out what i said about cosmos i'm not going to give you a price prediction but uh it is one of the four coins i talked about tonight uh do you know do you know if you already went over this project but.

Peribus it sounds very familiar it sounds very familiar i i don't remember uh yeah i'm not gonna cover this unfortunately because it's just way too low market cap so yeah um.

me chain financial announced v usd stable today well i guess it has to do i don't know if they announced it it's a proposal unless they did announce it they'd like the proposal so let's see let's see because that was from a few.

Days ago yeah oh man sonny went on a rant recently so anyone i ran recently but if they didn't if they didn't announce it today that's great v chain i've been saying this about v chain they need consumer base dapps including dexes and adding a stable coin a native stable.

Coin is very very positive in a step in the right direction and and it doesn't have to just stop there okay they could bring in usdt usdc and bring in terra usd and possibly other stable coins the more there is the more liquidity and the better it is for the.

Dexes so yeah what about alvaran it's breaking out of a wedge it could be i think alaran has a lot of potential i do think it does so what you're seeing today is a lot of the l ones that have been stagnant like including algorand and channeling i saw some of these others they've been.

Stagnant for a while and now they're getting their turn and that's good and it's it's usually difficult when things are so fearful right like right now there's a lot of fear but it kind of shows you the smart money the holders the long-term holders what are they doing.

They're not panicking they're taking advantage of low prices uh team collins what do you think will happen to xrp the case is settled dismiss or fed wins is it worth holding on little just in case i mean you could hold on a little but it's not going to help you that much.

Xrp if they settled a ripple settled lawsuit it will probably pump but will it be as you know will be as high as 2018 when they reached like almost four dollars probably not and you're assuming that the settlement will be coming soon a lot of xrp fans keep arguing that i don't think it's.

Gonna be as soon as people think i think if there is a settlement probably be in q3 or q4 this year most likely in q4 but it may not even settle today i mean this year um but even without it let's say it's settled it pumps up overall i don't like their premise i don't i don't think it.

Makes a lot of sense so i'm not a fan of xrp uh let's see here play loss glitches appreciate that let's see matter versus crypto for all says meta versus will be big in 2022 do you think decentralized will have uh will hold the top spot it may there's.

Still a lot of talk brian kelly who used to be my favorite analyst on cnbc uh has said that he's very bullish on decentraland which is very interesting he used to be just about bitcoin but decentraland and sandbox they're fighting it out and there's other metaverses coming but right now all the attention on on these two so i do think.

They will hold their top spots and i do think that in 2022 we're going to see more brands get involved and create use cases for why people should get into the metaverse right they're going to cause people to kind of um.

Get in through use cases so yeah i think that i think matter bursts are definitely a good uh good hold um as someone just said oh think matter versus losing steam time to move the l1 that's always the thing don't try to change one for another just.

If you like it you know what um just be diversified be diversified rachel settle you did great on yahoo finance thank you i appreciate it last second request literally they asked me like 30 minutes before my stream so i had to prepare my stream after a stream i had.

Lunch and i had like 15 minutes to to prepare but it's nothing i couldn't handle uh i did look at trius whoever asked rich or whoever asked i actually have a research paper out but i i i don't.

I off the top my head i didn't think anything really stood out so that's the thing these days what i do is when i look at a project i look at things that really stand out could be the leaders if they built something before something substantial.

Could be some kind of technology that really makes them different could be the traction the momentum they have right some have a lot of momentum or it could just be something else maybe the partnerships you know something that makes them stand out and right now there's a lot of projects that sound.

Theoretically good but they don't really differentiate themselves from the peers or the big boys right so it could be you know a lot of the good ones already out now there's a lot of copycats it could be some of that it could be just fatigue overall people.

Just don't know what to invest anymore they're not willing to invest in this micro caps and more in the bigger mid to big caps right there's a lot of that going on uh curito is also one i i'm not a big fan of it i think it's okay there's it's it's just like it's like a d5 layer.

It's like a layer two for d5 on top of chains but it's it's not something i'm very fascinated with jared thank you thoughts on ufo i mean it's it's uh it's one of those hyped up.

Um you know hyped up play turn games that's set to come out but you know they're they have a nft marketplace announced on cadena so i do like them for that um overall we just have to see there's a lot of promising playturn games that's set to come out pretty soon right whether or not they deliver we just.

Don't know we have to we have to wait and see what to wait and see but they do definitely have the the name recognition for sure any new insights into shiba not really they also have a play turn game they also have a play to our game right they they hired someone really.

A famous game designer i i don't know his name but i know he worked on many projects so that could help them and the other thing is i covered wallets yesterday robbing her wallet speculate uh speculation that shiba was gonna be added at the same time or at least announced at the same.

Time that could help sheba quite a bit uh polkadot polkadot is still a work in progress so we'll have to see when all the chains come up play that wow the market cap is much higher than i expected yeah vvs finance is the one that's the.

Very first stacks on chronos we have developed blockchain based game that everyone can enjoy i don't know that's true what is the game what is the game um non-crypto game users into blockchain through the dab service platform.

Okay okay our games so there's many so they're their game platform core team is their linkedin profile i'll tell you i don't me personally i think if i was go create.

A dap i would link it to my linkedin and i would use a real picture i get some people want to stay anonymous but you know what uh people want verification proof right so i mean it looks okay it looks okay investors partners some big names and they're on a lot of the big.

Exchanges so this to me is like something that i need to research uh it does look pretty good and toka economics isn't bad and um and they're not a micro cap they already have traction so i'll put this on a maybe list i'll put on this maybe list purpose basically giving assets like nft.

Liquidity to owners without selling it do you think this would be a useful tool uh no i don't because the the market value of nfts fluctuates and you don't really know there's there's like real no definition of them because a lot of them are are one-of-ones they're unique they're not.

Like crypto projects right there are other projects that similar to that maybe not for liquidity but uh where you can lend or borrow against your nft again i don't know how that's gonna work because price can fluctuate.

Really really quickly um uh network i already answered about sheba i have no idea what this project is relatively small actually really small be the first in network i guess it's called network.

New metaverse okay i'll put this in the maybe pile can't tell if it's good or not just from this but looks like it's a new metaverse or play turn game brian appreciate that uh dollar ass cro can a 10x this year.

Sure maybe if the lakers won the championship they will a lot of controversy over to matt damon ad i just don't get it i mean there's it it's fine leave bad team alone um but i i do think they're going to do well i think they'll continue their attraction and if cronus chain gets bigger and bigger.

Uh it's definitely gonna help them right all right guys i'm gonna let you guys go overall we got some good movers today but i cover four all coins four crypto projects that i believe uh will have even better 2022 cosmos v chain phantom and chain link so if you missed it make sure you rewind.

Thanks for tuning in as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel i will see you guys tomorrow 11 30 a.m central standard time all right have a good one guys take care bye you

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