Economy of the Metaverse | Fortnite CEO Tim Sweeney (Exclusive)

Tim Sweeney, CEO of hit game Fortnite maker Epic Games goes ALL OUT in a no holds barred interview discussing competition by Apple, Google, Facebook, and others. How could the economic problems in today’s platforms be resolved for the future platform of the Metaverse?

So far very little has yet to be discussed about how such an economic system for a Metaverse platform needs to work.

There are a LOT of insights that are easy to miss. Check out the written transcription of this interview as well right here:

In a future Metaverse platform, what kind of economy will be required to support a healthy and vibrant ecosystem for all of the participants: including all players on the commercial side of the value chain and for the future consumers in the Metaverse?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in our Q&A interview session with Tim Sweeney!

1:05 The Metaverse and “Economic Efficiency”
7:30 Danger of Megacorp Platform Ownership
12:35 Tim’s “Conservationist” Philosophy
15:20 Creator and Store Economics
16:35 We Need Open Platforms!
20:45 Dangers of the Mega Corp Monopoly
24:50 On Apple/Google Platform Fees
30:55 Epic’s Metaverse Platform Fee = ?
35:10 Info and Data Abuse by Platforms
40:50 Leaders to Deliver the Metaverse
44:15 Tim’s Final Message
45:33 When Does Epic Make Atari Adventure?

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Economy of the Metaverse | Fortnite CEO Tim Sweeney (Exclusive)

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