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With Unreal Engine 4.27 OpenXR is now production-ready, and there’s a new VR Template designed for it! This week on Inside Unreal, we’ll explore the Blueprint framework that makes up the functionality of the template and how you can customize it for your own experiences.


00:00 Starting Soon
05:01 Countdown Video
10:01 News
12:23 Karma Earners
12:43 Community Spotlights
14:12 Inside Unreal Graphic
14:31 Stream Introductions
15:33 UE5 Early Access Community Creations Sizzle
17:25 Stream Overview
18:29 OpenXR VR Template in 4.27
19:02 What is OpenXR?
21:50 OpenXR Plugin
22:29 OpenXR Extensions
24:04 Learn More
24:27 Overview
25:16 Supported Devices
28:25 OpenXR VR Template
31:18 Runtime
33:14 Project Settings
34:40 New to VR?
36:22 VR Pawn and Camera
42:37 Syncing the VR
43:27 VR Spectator Camera
47:50 Scene Capture Component Note
50:00 Applying the Material to Spectator Camera
50:34 Grab Component
55:45 Logic Behind the Components
57:42 Interaction with Controllers
1:04:46 Custom Grab Actor
1:10:10 Blueprint Communications Note
1:11:10 Custom Grab Actor Continued
1:16:02 Recap
1:17:39 Custom Grab Type
1:20:31 Trigger Actor
1:24:50 Example of Building a Custom Input Actor
1:44:54 Built-in Menu
1:52:31 Questions and Answers
2:29:30 Performance & Lighting
2:39:25 Additional Notes
2:47:56 Further Questions and Answers
2:50:30 Information and Stream Wrap-Up

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