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-What do we have here? ♪♪ I used to thinkhaving health insurance was only importantif you got sick. As I got older,I realized how much my health planreally offered me. I first enrolledin a Medicaid plan from Aetna Better Healthabout seven years ago, when I turned 23.

I was eligible for Medicaid and was automatically assigned. I didn't know what to expect. When I signed up, I didn't listmy primary care provider, so I was given one, but Aetna Better Health helped me easily switchto my doctor. I have hypertension, and I have to see the doctorevery few months.

Just to make surethings are under control. I don't own a car, and the cost of transportation,even public transit, adds up. Thankfully, Aetna Better Health has a non-emergencymedical transportation program. So I can easily get a ride to the doctor's visitsor the pharmacy. What's next? ♪♪.

Most Aetna Better Health plans offer extra benefits, like a 24/7 nurse line, dental and vision benefits,and prescriptions. Some also offer discounts to gym and wellness facilities. And they offer mental health benefits, too, because let's be real,.

Every day isn't rainbowsand butterflies. ♪♪ That's the best part. Even with all the extras, my Aetna Better Health plandoesn't cost a thing. It covers all theMedicaid benefits I'm used to, like doctors visits, lab tests, or even if I haveto stay in the hospital. To learn more about the greatbenefits available to you,.

Or if you need help switchingyour primary care doctor, call the number on the backof your member ID card, or go to aetnabetterhealth.com. ♪♪

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