FINALLY Some Tough Words | Harry Mack Omegle Bars 42

Yo, yuh, yuh, ah, yeah, y-yeah, yeah, unh Yo, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh Check it, unh I don't never lie, only thing I'm tellin' is facts Treat the beat like a candle, then I'm meltin' the wax H-Mack, man, I never been no hypocrite Every time, I spit the shit like I lit the wick I said I'm on fire, e'erybody see the blue flame Lit like a candle, got the Bic with the butane.

Unh, I'm comin' off the top o' the mind People get to buggin' when I'm rockin' my rhymes Make y'all want it in the worst way Ay, I be lit like the candles on your birthday Ay, if you want the real, go ahead and press play Seein' through the BS like a X-ray I'm about to improvise a essay Woo! I go deep, heh, drop a lot o' facts Ay, ay, rappers fake, like a candle made o' wax.

Hold u', they like Ripley's Believe It or Not They in the wax museum, they ain't even that hot But I'm a real human, flesh 'n bone I'm about to test ya zone Ay, known for gettin' busy when I'm on this microphone Ay, I'm up in it, people better know that I go home To the session, then I drop bars like a xylophone Whoa! I'm really crushin', homie, it ain't really nothin' Mack ain't never bluffin', xylophone, yo, that's percussion.

Well, it makes sense 'cause I'm percussive when I drop my vision AKA when I be rappin', e'erybody feel my rhythm What! Ah! What! Ah! What! Ah! What! Look! Come off the top o' the mental, whenever I'm rhymin', I throw down Yeah, on Omegle, they all be lovin' my sound I'm back in it, rappers gettin' mad at me, I use my faculties To bring a natural disaster, I cause a catastrophe What! Unh, every time I rhyme, it's from the purest brain I'm 'bout to blow up like volcano, bring a hurricane.

Yeah, catastrophic every time I rap with logic Ayo, I'm 'bout to force these other wack cats to back off it Unh, I keep movin', I'm constantly improvin' Yeah, this ain't a rapper, this a fuckin' movement Unh, ayo, you know my lyrics cleaner I cause catastrophe, somebody better call FEMA Yeah, we need relief, I ain't got no beef Rappers bitin' my style, they got my lyrics in they teeth Listen, I be a master, disaster-causin', do this often.

Got the whole game in a coffin Listen, ayo, y'all know I'm known for spittin' absurd I was like, “Guys, you gotta give me long-ass words!” Unh, and yo, you know that my freestyles dominate it I was like, “Gimme somethin' kinda complicated!” Yeah, I'm about to leave the track scarred They were like, “Um, damn, this shit's fuckin' hard!” I know, I put y'all on the spot But finally we here and I came to rock it hot.

Look, make you cover your mouth when I'm rhymin',it's lyrics that I'm dealin', fam I'm 'bout to have your head spinnin' like your ceilin' fan H-yeah, y'all know I'm doin' what I wanna do When it comes to lyrics, y'all know they about to honor dude Listen, and you know that I'm all on the rhyme spree Multiple colors just like the flag behind these Girls, I see it, listen, I get loosest with the rhymes Ay, H-Mack, y'all know I'm producin' all the shine Hold up, and I ain't weak, you know I'm speakin' with the pure voice.

You got two bracelets and one's turquoise I see the beads, listen, I'ma break it down with ease H-Mack, known for improvisin' with the frees Listen, ayo, I rap rare, I'm in my black chair One got the blonde hair, one got the black hair Ayo, I call out what I see right in front o' me So what's it gonna be? I cause catastrophe, I'm thundery I bring the storm, lit like the candle, full circle I'm known for gettin' loose and makin' y'all laugh like Urkel.

Hold up, I got you sayin', “Wow!” I can see it from your mouth You can't believe me right now Listen, and y'all know I get mean with raps I make you laugh, cover your forehead, then lean on back Can't believe what's happenin', I'm rappin' in a whole nother language Rappers, I fill 'em with anguish You know I back up my claims when I throw it down, I be flamin' Just like the wick o' the candle, I hit your toes [in] the sandals with the anvils.

Mack off the top throwin' down for my peeps Every time that I rhyme off the tip o' the mental, I'm goin' in deep What's good?! Yeah, one two, one two, ah Yeah, ayo, one two, one two, check, check Ayo, one two, one two, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ayo, the name is Harry Mack, y'all can type me up on Google Yeah, right now I'm tappin' in live with Noodle Unh, feelin' great, I'ma crush it, no debate.

This the first ever time I freestyle for a snake Yeah, I'm doin' me, man, you know I'm 'bout to damage flows H-yeah, rockin' for the humans and the animals We come together, man, y'all know I'm 'bout to vibrate I was like, “Hold up, wait, naw, is that a live snake?” Hold u', she was like, “Yes, indeed!” Unh, well, thanks for comin' through and blessin' me Unh, I got the lyrics that are sure to enrich Yes, I do YouTube, I know you streamin' on Twitch.

Unh, if we could stream Omegle, hold up, that would be so fresh But I'm fairly certain we'd get banned for the TOS Ayo, y'all know that I'm never 'bout to back down I'm shinin' colorful just like the lights up in your background Yeah, ayo, my bars about to beat ya Ayo, what's goin' on, Noodle? It's so nice to meet ya Yeah, I'm here to wreck them, man, I'm smokin' like a Rasta Shout to Noodle the snake, ain't talkin' noodles like the pasta But while we on it, I'ma ride tracks like stallion.

I love eatin' noodles 'cause I love eatin' Italian But let me make this straight, hold up, please don't hate When I say I eat noodles, I would never eat your snake Hehe, yeah, Mack off the top, you know I'm here Ay, I'm kickin' lyrics that are definitely clear Unh, and y'all know I'm here to go and earn the reward Wack rappers are not my type, keyboard Unh, y'all know I'm really here to bend the codes Or maybe it's a keyboard like a Fender Rhodes.

Yeah, and I paint a pure picture If it's not a Fender Rhodes, maybe it's a Wurlitzer Now these are classic keyboards that get used in jazz and soul H-Mack, man, y'all know I'm out here rappin', though I'm doin' what I feel like and y'all know I'm about to leave 'em floored Turnin' the key to open doors 'cause I'm bored Of these other rappers all throughout the industry I take your word, split it apart, rework it instantly Call it a remix, my lyrics holy like Jesus.

I'm 'bout to improvise a thesis, tearin' rappers to pieces Yo, he been earnin' stripes like ADIDAS®, bumpin' through your speakers Yeah, I'm kickin' styles kinda like sneakers Now listen, it gets drastic, never made o' plastic Leavin' rappers with a cracked lip, they need chapstick Woah, ah, back up on it and you know I throw down Ay, Mack keep it honest every time I bring the sound Ay, when I rock my lyrics, people ready to surround Ay, when it comes to creativity, mine abounds.

Yeah, I'm really here to rock it My rhythm like some chapstick, it's in the pocket Yeah, or in the purse, check the way I spit a verse Movin' through the multiverse Y'all can't control me 'cause I'm goin' deeper I'm holy, they told me, I'm like holy cross Ay, CEO of freestyle flows, the flowin' boss Yeah, back up on it, I'm the strongest nerd I was like, “Okay, let me challenge you…

…Can you, like, come up with a longer word?… …You know, like, catastrophe?” She was like, “Catastrophe!” I was like, “Damn, that's on me. I already rapped that, G!” So we gon' switch it up, y'all know they can't get with me Unh, it's never simplistic Y'all know I'ma blast into outer space like a ballistic All white but not albino, your snake is leucistic Unh, I'm changin' every policy, they best acknowledge me And thank you for teachin' me brand-new terminology.

See, that's why I love Omegle, my vibe is enhancin' I make people start dancin', plus my brain I be expandin' From the brand-new terms I learn Through the planet, I be spreadin' like a germ to earn More paper, pullin' off the caper, I never got the fakest soul I'm impressed by your snake control Listen, H-Mack, I'm here to live my big dreams Maybe one day, I can feature on your Twitch stream What!.

Yeah, yeah, ah Yo, yuh, yuh Unh, unh, unh Yeah, ayo, y'all know we 'bout to make it happen It's H-Mack'n, I'm known for all the crazy rappin' Unh, I be kickin' lyrics from the heart Belongs in museums 'cause this here a work o' art Listen, I get the ampest, I hope you understand this I'm rappin' but it's sorta like I'm fillin' up a canvas.

Yeah, I'm 'bout to throw down for days Said I'm a artist with it, they call me Claude Monet Ay, yeah, comin' off the tip, y'all best believe Ay, I keep a couple tricks up my sleeve Makin' moves and I'm destined to improve Travel to museums, y'all might catch me at the Louvre Unh, do what it do, ay, y'all know I'ma hunt 'em like a poacher Catch me at the Louvre, I'm gettin' up on my culture Yeah, checkin' out the Pablo Picasso, I blow your mind with hot flows.

Yo, freestyles, I got those I'm goin' in once again, doin' what another rapper really does yet Y'all ain't really in the house, y'all still tryna sublet Ay, H-Mack, I'm here to break it down I be the realest one, I never been a fake clown Ayo, I let y'all know, I'm still inventin' These rappers sublettin' they style, you know, rentin' Unh, but when I grip the mic, I be controllin' it I ain't sublettin' these lyrics, I got ownership.

Yeah, and y'all know I'ma rock, no doubt Said I own these bars, kinda like I copped the house No down payment needed, I'ma buy it in cash H-Mack rhyme in a flash, get fly with my ass I'm improvisin' 'til the last note, I'ma keep it mad dope Ay, told you I'm a artist, my lyrics like brush strokes Ay, y'all better feel it, I'ma make you stand up She just can't believe it, she be laughin' with her hands up I make you go mad, make you want it bad.

I dig the black nail polish and the pink plaid On the PJ pants, take a chance, I'm 'bout to break your stance Harry Mack with lyrics way too advanced Yeah, ayo, I told you that my rhymes is gorgeous I said I'm freestylin', you were like, “Okay, I'm here for it” Heh, I said, “Yo, listen, it's gon' be absurd… …But I need three crazy, random, challengin' words!” Unh, and I could tell when I said it, I had your face shook You were like, “Hold up, wait, lemme check Facebook!”.

Ayo, y'all know I be rippin' it quick Yeah, every time I rhyme, I be flippin' your wig Yeah, Mack all up on it, they'll be dippin' real quick 'Cause rappers ain't natives here, they lack citizenship Yeah, H-Mack, I hold it down, I be kickin' mean bars In my cypher circle, rappers couldn't get the green card Ayo, I do what I feel, I got love for my supporters Peace to e'e'ybody out there crossin' over borders Yeah, if you workin' hard to become a citizen.

Yo, those people, I can get with them I support it, ayo, they puttin' in the blood, sweat and tears So they belong to be here Yeah, I'm here to represent for everybody strugglin' The situation towards people in this country troublin' Tryna find a way to fix it, I'ma let you witness When I grip up on the mic, I work it out like fitness Imagine crossin' borders just to get away from terror Tryna make a better life for the future era.

Tryna raise your kids so that they can do better Tryna put 'em in a dope college to make 'em clever And while you there, no one wants to give you love 'Cause you not a citizen, and you can't rise above Damn! It makes me recognize how privileged I am Yeah, so when I grab the mic and say I'm the man Well, obviously I can do that, you know, man, I can Because, I don't know, it goes with this society's plans So listen, to all the people that wanna be citizens o' this here spot.

That's workin' on the block That's workin' at the jobs that we don't wanna do Go ahead and keep grinding, keep reppin' for your crew Yeah, I break it down eternally, y'all know I burn emcees I'm lit like an infirmary Y'all know I'm here to throw it down, it goes around Forever I be rockin' mics so often You got your hand like this, I got your head noddin' Yeah, ayo, I come off the tip, I'm here to smash this.

Peace to my new friend with the big cup and the glasses Ayo, y'all know I be rippin' my raps Just like the cup that you be grippin', I be sippin' on tracks It's H-Mack! [ Transcribed and subbed by Nick @plebcrabslayer ]

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