Free Health Insurance for Seniors (2021 government program)

Many seniors get health insurance through their jobs while millions of others rely on medicare but what if you're unemployed or your job doesn't offer health insurance and you're too young for medicare well stick around i'll explain how you can get health insurance for free but you gotta act fast.

hi i'm jeff hoyt editor-in-chief of when the affordable care act also known as obamacare was signed into law in 2010 one of the complaints was that the health insurance premiums were just too high government subsidies helped the.

Poor but many middle class people still got sticker shock from obamacare but the 1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package that president biden signed into law the one that brought many americans 1400 stimulus checks well it also brought the cost of health.

Insurance down to zero for millions of americans including seniors surprisingly few people know about this so i'm asking the senior living community to spread the word these zero premium health care plans just became available july 1st it doesn't matter how much money you.

Make income is it a factor even though the health plans are listed on the marketplace set up by the affordable care act they're provided by private insurers and these aren't low-end plans these are what the government calls silver plants which offer better terms.

Than the bronze plans usually at a higher premium now i myself was on a silver plan and paid thousands of dollars per month to protect my family so how do you get these quality plans for no premiums while the qualify you must been approved for or received unemployment benefits at some point this.

Year to be clear you don't need to be one of the millions of people who are unemployed now if you received a week's worth of unemployment benefits at any time this year even back in january of 2021 then you qualify now note that you're.

Typically not eligible for these plans if you can get insurance from an employer either yours or your spouses or through medicare or through medicaid so if you're out of a job but you're too young for medicare this is definitely worth exploring.

Even with government subsidies the average plan through obamacare costs more than 450 a month zero dollars a month beats that by a long shot so how do you take advantage of this program just go to enter your information and then shop for a free plan on the site.

But you have to hurry you have to sign up by august 15th when the current open enrollment period ends that's just a few weeks from now zero dollar healthcare plan should last until the end of 2021 after that government subsidies should be available to keep the premiums low although they may no longer be free so.

If you want months of free health insurance act now and spread the word and if you know any young people who may qualify tell them as well this isn't just for seniors let those youngins know you can still teach them a thing or two for other products and services to help.

You age with ease visit where you can find and compare housing options for seniors including in-home care assisted living nursing homes and everything in between and please don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel.


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