Gala Games – Mirandus Development Roadmap 2021. Can they pull it off? What might be shared next?

Will Gala Games meet its 2021 development goals for Mirandus? In this episode, I’ll explore what we’ve been told. It’s already been more than six weeks since any significant update has been provided. Is there important news on the horizon? Are we soon to see utility from the Mirandus NFTs?

0:00 Intro
0:23 Where in the world is McCarthy?
0:53 New Episode Format
1:17 May 7th Gala Games – Mirandus AMA
4:27 The Road Map
4:37 The 5 Avatar Races
6:45 Getting to deployable software for an in-game experience
9:52 Create a Development / Community Joint Effort.
10:28 Testing the Game Mechanics – Crafting, Combat, Hunting, Deed Placement
11:28 Transparency during development? Is this really a new concept?
13:04 What is a game at its roots?
16:54 Launching a casual RPG with a top-down view for mobile interaction.
19:06 Harvesting, Adventuring, and more… Oh my! Plus, Chronicus on the go.
23:01 Ongoing interaction with Mirandus through your phone.
23:58 Mini Tavern Games and more on mobile.
26:39 Avatar displays in-game (to others), the actions you activate on mobile.
28:08 Closing thoughts.

Are we days, weeks, or months from entering the Mirandus testbed where we can place our Land Deeds, Buildings, and stretch the legs of our Avatars?

Link to the May 7th Gala Games Mirandus AMA:

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