Get check-ups remotely with Delta Dental – Virtual Consult and Toothpic

want to get checkups remotely if you're covered under a delta dental ppo or delta dental premier plan you now have access to new tools that will let you do that delta dental virtual consult and toothpick with toothpick you just have to take and submit a few photos of your mouth and.

Answer some questions to get a personalized diagnostic report from a delta dental dentist in under 24 hours virtual consult lets you schedule live video appointments with a delta dental dentist from anywhere you have video capability and an internet connection dentists can provide an assessment of your issue offer treatment instructions.

Prescribe medication and follow up all remotely virtual exams are subject to the same deductibles and maximums as in-person exams please note that the availability of virtual consult providers may vary by state appointments are subjects to availability visit

And search for virtual dentistry to learn more or get started you

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