GOLD.INC: Earn Crypto FREE! Update: Exchange Listing for GXB / Staking System/ NFT Marketplace &More

In this video finally an update on Gold.INC game that pays in Cryptocurrency (GXB) for playing it totally for free! We are doing a review on the whitepaper and giving you very important information on how this game will affect the marketplace, NFT marketplace, staking system, exchange listings for this token and many more things. This is your unique opportunity to play this game for free and earn some GX Bar (GXB) token that is made on Apollo fintech (Apollo currency) blockchain. Enjoy!

Welcome back to crypto wealthy channel guys in today’s episode we’re going to go through white paper we finally got some information about gx bar this is the game that pays you in cryptocurrency for playing it totally for free so whoever is in crypto space and gaming space can actually play this mine gold convert into the gx bar.

And uh wait for the exchanges we’re still waiting for exchange on the gx bar let’s say first exchange so you can actually cash out your gx or jigsaw for bitcoin ethereum whatever so we’re waiting but we’re going to discuss about that we’re going to go through the white paper to see what’s going on there and when can we.

Potentially uh expect that right we’re going to dive into that whoever wants to play this game or to hear about tutorials how to download this game on android or pc or mac whatever make sure to go to our playlist over here you have 11 videos guides and explanations about this game and you’re going to be happy with the.

Explanations i’m uh assuming and also we’re going to cover white paper about gx bar this is token on the apollo currency blockchain so we’re going to discuss about the circulating supply multiply total supply and what can we expect from this token how to earn it and and so on and so on so let’s dive into the content so the first page of.

The white paper for the gx bar is a gx bar is an unparalleled financial asset that is created to not only maintain a constant value through gold backing and redeemability by growing asset value daily through distribution or profit well what i mean by this is actually the gold that apollo.

Currencies mining is going to also back up the gold in game yeah it’s crazy so gx bar is going to be backed up with real gold and you are going to be able to redeem the gold uh to take the gold for the gold in game or let’s say for the gx bar cryptocurrency if you want that easily so gsx and gx bar will be redeemable let’s go to the next one so.

The next one goldberg is not distributed like traditional cryptocurrencies it’s mined only through the world’s most expensive real-time mobile strategy mmo gold inc game as i told you go to the playlist if you want to play this game and earn some gold and secure your gx bar when we come into the exchanges you can sell it so token no mix let’s see.

Total supply over here is 99 billions this is a lot but nonetheless circulating supply is the important so right now we have 6.7 or let’s say 6.8 million which are circulating into the game and into the wallets so this is actually mineable so this is going to increase because of mining so if you play this game and you mind your.

Gx bar you are going to add to this circulating in wallets if you send your gold if you convert it into the gx bar and you send it to your wallet while this is going to increase you’re going to pretty much increase when you’re mine into the game it’s amazing uh mine able in gold ink so okay this is interesting so they are going to have third part or.

A less than third part of total supply which is going to be in-game then we have 20 billions so 20 billions is going to be held by sapphire studios for further developments which is good they’re going to most probably develop more games and 48 billions are going to be locked now i’m assuming that these 48 billions.

Are going to be locked and liquidated later on for making more games or these uh 20 billions we will see actually uh let’s see the next one let’s talk gold link so there’s nothing to talk about actually this is the game over here i told you to go to the playlist over here you’re going to be amazed with this uh android game or.

You know you can play it even on the computer as i do uh but to go to the playlist and check it out you’re going to be pleasantly surprised it’s very interesting game and yeah when we get the exchanges i understand the frustration when we get the exchange it’s going to be soon most probably you can be able to redeem it okay for.

You you can actually redeem it for the gold or for the btc or for money for whatever so fair resources collection one of the core features that separates gold in from the standard mmo games is the fire racers collection model which gives the average player an equal footing compared to a seasoned player the trickle resource model that most.

Mmorts employ allows each player depending on their level to gather a set amount of resource which in turn help them manage and grow the fair resource collection model allows for a player at any level to collect the same number of resources instead meaning that any player could at any point hit the mother lode and earn a substantial.

Amount so this is very balanced i like this one gx bar is built on the apollo blockchain so we know that let’s go to the next one gx b b this is going to be also on the binary chain but nonetheless i think apollo currency blockchain it is more complicated to integrate in the exchange but after that you’re going to be amazed with the speed only two.

Seconds speed when you’re sending gx bar so this uh let’s see the binary smart change simply by exchanging their assets for the auto within our swap system which will release in q4 2021 so we should see this implementing very soon also the bridge our team is developing our bridge system which allows for players and investors to swap seamlessly.

Between gx bar on apollo blockchain.gxbb on the binance smart chain the bridge is designed to reduce the supply of gx bar okay on each swap between chains adding an incentivise to holders to store their gx bar in the apollo wallet where they will earn substantial staking rewards so okay you’re going to even have staking.

Rewards because of this bridge this is going to be amazing i like this so they are going to incentivize the saving gx bar which is going to increase the price and also your holdings so it’s amazing i like this so let’s see why gx bar a gold bar is backed by gold with continuous profits and unparalleled 100 of all profit from gold in transactions.

Goes directly to buying more gold to the backing of gold bar therefore the amount of gold banking for each gx bar grows daily every transaction in the game increases the asset value of all gx bar compared to competitors gold inc has an extremely high spending ratio with games like clash of clans rosing as much as 3 million usd per day it is easy to see.

How quickly the asset value of gx bar can rise so we’re going to see this actually in investment value gx bar is a multi-phased investment means to reach both the retail investors and institutional investors by using a stabilized coin with gross potential and redeemability so you’re going to be able to redeem gold for this also as the gsx.

Uh the gsx we’re expecting rhythm ability to be implemented this year so by the end of the december they need to do that shrinking supply gold bar was designed to create massive incentivize for its holders while also shrinking the circulating supply by utilizing smart contracts each transaction of gold bar will result in a deflationary tax so.

Five percent and a transaction tax of five percent this reduces the overall supply of gold bar by 10 of the transactions between gx bar and gxbb permanently making each coin in circulating more available so more details about staking staking your gx bar is as simple as holding your gx bar in the apollo chain wallet anyone.

Holding their gx bar in the apollo chain wallet will automatically qualify for gx bars taking payouts which will be distributed as a flexible apy with huge potential earnings all dependent on multiple factors from transactions stock conversions apy will be updated daily paid out quarterly with a randomized haul by date to qualify for the payouts.

So this is amazing we have even staking so you don’t need to actually buy this you can play the game and earn this coin which i recommend you to do so make sure just to check out our playlist so yeah this is free to play game if you’re asking that and more informations you can find out on our playlist i told you check out those videos many of them are.

Very short two to three minutes so you’re going to be pleasantly surprised so yeah you have the governance you can actually vote over here on the apollo blockchain whether you are a gamer or investor gx bar incentivize taking part in the future of your investment js bar holders will have the ability to take part in the governance of the economy of.

Gold inc helping shape its future for all current and new players to come these votes will not be limited to gold inc but will affect the entire ecosystem built around gx bar governance votes will include the majority holders on most votes these votes will be subject to increased requirements depending on the nature of the vote the last thing.

That they did actually it was the vote about if i’m right trading commissions or whoever is owning the trade center i think they increased from five to eight percent or seven percent i’m not sure the reward so whoever is selling into your trading center right now i’m owning the trading center so whoever sells i.

Get the commission okay let’s see the road map so this is the just 1.0 uh white paper we’re going to see other versions also q4 what can we expect at this quarter life goal competitions matter load claims gold bar burn so we’re going to see burn also um central exchange push nft pre-sale okay.

They’re going to have nft also bridge new ui ux nft marketplace phase one so they’re going to even have the marketplace for nfts uh central exchange uh listing uh and the update 2022 roadmap so we’re going to have actually exchange releasing this quarter until the end of this year so in the next six weeks we’re going to see the exchange.

And you can sell your gold bar so whoever is not playing this game i’m actually encouraging you to do so because it’s free to play and if you have a time why not earn some gx bar okay gold bar burned instant invest nft market place phase two and knox will pay this is apollo’s currency uh product you need to go into the apollo fintech.

Products on our playlist in order to understand what that crazy cryptocurrency is doing i’m not going to get into that right now and gold wars i’m not sure what this is nonetheless this is the first quarter of next year uh second quarter of the next year for this game or for gx bar is the mobile wallet uh nft market place phase three.

And gold land beta okay this is interesting we’re going to see this and the q3 or quarter 3 2022 gold land release so i’m not sure what this is maybe you can lend us the cryptocurrency and binance your gold and earn more we will see actually nonetheless i’m going to stake most probably my gx bar over here and or the gold whatever they they.

Make we will see projections i’m not sure what this is gs bar converted demand and burning okay so this is demand this is the middle one and this one is the burned and the first one is the converted okay so what is converted what is the demand for it for the gx bar and what is the burn i’m not sure what.

This basically is projections are based on current growth models over the initial three months of gold inc okay these figures are subjected to change and do okay this is something that we’re going to get every three months uh nft platform so you’re going to have also nft platform probably.

From this game gold inc nfts are designed to provide players who convert their gold to gx bar to ability to upgrade to unique and limited quantity nft items for using game these items range from equipment to skin and can increase mine profitability outside of what is achievable with the standard equipment in golding i’m not sure about.

This these items range from equipment to skin and can increase mining profitability outside of what is achievable with the standard equipment okay this is interesting so nft platform is going to also give you equipment that you’re going to mind better this is interesting ladies and gentlemen and also.

Is going to make you profits if you’re going to sell it especially if the game explodes but already it’s exploding i think they already have uh above 5 000 downloads it’s amazing marketplace so yeah you’re going to have marketplace to sell it vip what is this vip holders of gx bar will earn unique privileges and special nft items that.

Are only offered to accounts of a specific holding amount vips will have additional benefits such as early access to future nfts increased quantity purchasing discounted rates and more the effectiveness of investors holding these gs bar levels to maintain vip status only requires a 1 grouping of players to make a sizable and substantial change to.

The above forecasting okay this is also interesting but i think long term this is going to take effect so we’re going to see when this is gonna hit the road right so projections also again uh exchange listings okay we have exchange listings in conclusion finally jesus bar has an agreement in place to.

List the gx bar on knox exchange knox exchange is the apollo fintech or apollo currency exchange it has the best uh volume i can say i can say that and liquidity of all exchanges together because it takes liquidity of all exchanges okay on to one place however even so apollo fintech is going to do some massive.

Stuff and it most probably going to be in top 10 cryptocurrencies i’m not recommending right now to trade on nox exchange end of story because the service right now at this very moment they’re going to improve that very soon nonetheless uh someone waited like 10 days for withdrawal i won’t recommend.

You this exchange until they fix that they will fix that um there is no problem i i’m sure of it but i wouldn’t recommend you know exchange to trade if you want you know quick trades quick withdrawals quick deposits i wouldn’t recommend so jxbar has an agreement in place to.

Lose gx bar on nox exchange and an instant invest instant invest is option on and dot is actually the social media from apollo fintech again up from apollo currency they have instant invest option you can with your card for the beginners you can actually buy cryptocurrency or in this case scenario.

Also gx bar and we draw directly onto your card you cannot move it from the wallet only direct to your card back and direct into the cryptocurrency space you cannot uh move that cryptocurrency from that wallet but nonetheless they have facebook version youtube version which is clip it twitter version and it’s uh freedom of.

Speech on this you can say whatever you want you’re not going to be banned like on facebook or whatever so yeah consider making the account there you can also follow my videos there i outside of the 100 profit put back into gold inc sapphire will commit sizeable funds directly towards exchange pushes after launch this is also good and the.

Conclusion for this is that the gx bar is set to take the plato and genre to the next level with game back to gold backed and profit back currency a player can earn and would grow while they game coupling this with the rising nft market players will have the ability for substantial monetization simply by playing a game on their phone and owning.

Jxbar now’s the time to grow your net worth in golly also whoever is asking about how to convert from gold to jsbar make sure to check out our playlist i’m not going to answer every single person into the comment because i cannot i really don’t have enough time just that’s why i made those videos just go that click on the playlist and you’re.

Gonna have your tutorial and explanation how to do that and ladies and gentlemen this is it for this review over here we’re going to do more videos maybe today maybe tomorrow about the cryptocurrency market what’s happening next and until the next update happy trading and the gaming and goodbye.

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0:00 – Intro
00:40 – How to play it?
01:16 – GXB Info and supply
04:05 – Fair Resource Collection
04:50 – BEP20 GXB
05:56 – Why GXB?
06:54 – Staking GXB
09:12 – RoadMap for GXB
11:37 – NFT and GXB and GOLD.INC
13:18 – Exchange Listings
15:20 – Conclusion


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