Gov. Newsom faces California lawmakers over universal healthcare

Abc 10's morgan reiner covers all things politics and morgan california would be the first in the nation to take this step right chris you know the saying so goes california so goes the nation that's the message newsom shared today if the legislature passes this all eyes will be on california to see if it is successful.

But of course something of this magnitude has plenty of opposition i campaign on universal health care we're delivering that newsome in kern county tuesday promoting his new health care for all plan for those it's like clockwork that are critical of this proposal i would only offer this we have universal health care in this.

State and in this country but it's on the back end it's called the emergency room and it's costing you the taxpayer a fortune that message directed at people like republican assembly member tom lackey who represents kern county he sits on the budget committee i think it's a dishonest proposal because.

It's giving false promises and we're not even talking about the cost which is the most glaring challenge that faces our public health care crisis according to the governor's proposal it will cost taxpayers 2.7 billion a year not even close no it's not even close to to realistically covering what they're.

Indicating it's going to cover it's why he wants the legislative analysts office to run a cost analysis the pandemic if it's shown us anything it's that our health is really interconnected you know one of us being healthy it means all of us being able to be healthy sara dar is with the california immigrant policy center she said the rest of the country.

Should pay attention california has led the way on so many issues across the board beyond just health care beyond just you know immigrant rights and so we're excited for other states to follow suit this universal health care plan is different from obamacare or covered california which only applies to legal residents it changes people's.

Lives to be able to get access to comprehensive health care in this way chris california already covers health care costs for low-income people younger than 26 and those over 50. this closes the gap to include all ages sara dar added that since those first parts were implemented there's been no evidence that people come to california to get.

Health insurance some good perspective morgan reiner starting us off tonight morgan thank you

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