Health Insurance Explained: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Covered California in 2021 (Obamacare)

Hi i'm michael and this is california and i'll get closer to the december 15th deadline for health insurance enrollment there are millions of people across the country who are still uninsured some have lost their health insurance through their work others have lost their insurance from their parents plans or.

Maybe are no longer eligible for medicaid so today we are going to talk about the top five reasons why you should consider at least looking at your health insurance through covered california or the california health exchange now this is your five minute healthy dose so let's make this quick.

But before we do that if you like this information if you find it interesting if you find it helpful please don't forget to like and subscribe that way you can get updates when our newest and most informative videos become available let's first talk real quick about what is covered california.

Covered california is the health exchange that was established by the affordable care act also known as obamacare it allows residents of california to enroll into a private health insurance plan like a blue shield plan or a kaiser plan or a health net plan or molina or anthem.

Or variety of other plans also it allows them to get help paying for their plan these plans are similar to plans you would get if you went directly to the insurance company but they have some things that make them much better much cheaper and much easier to get in most cases lastly another great thing about covered.

California is that it brings all the plans together so you don't have to go to each individual insurance company and try to figure out how they compare on covered california they are all right there side by side now let's talk about some of the reasons why covered california may be the right.

Option for you so reason number one the first reason you should consider enrolling into a covered california plan is because in a covered california plan you cannot be declined for any pre-existing conditions this is one of the best changes that came about as a result of the affordable.

Care act so no matter what your health conditions are so maybe if you left your work because you're sick or you're pregnant or you have a long history of health conditions but no matter what they are when you apply for covered california none of that is taken into consideration.

They cannot raise your rates or decline you just because of your health history or any pre-existing conditions the price you will pay will be the same price as a person without any medical history at all in some states though tobacco usage can be taken into consideration but not in.

California reason number two the second reason you should consider enrolling into a covered california plan is because all the plans are full coverage even the most basic inexpensive plan that can have a cost as low as one dollar a month will be full coverage it includes things.

Like free annual checkups doctors specialists and urgent care visits for a set co-pay any maximum limit you can pay in the year for all your health care coverage we had a community member who was enrolled in a covered california plan who was 63 years old she was riding her bike and hit the.

Mirror of a parked car and then fell and broke her arm and her hip she was in the hospital for four days for surgery and complications with her covered california silver 94 plan she only had to pay the one thousand dollar yearly maximum limit and avoided the full.

Hundred and thirty thousand dollar medical bill in the end she was so thankful that she enrolled into the covered california plan because obviously just one bill like that would have wiped her or really anybody out financially so reason number three like i mentioned before it is possible to get financial help to pay for your.

Plan in fact it's possible to get multiple plans at different levels of coverage for just one dollar a month if your income is low enough and these are not discount plans or things that cover accidents or illnesses only on tuesday they are the same full coverage plans.

That are available to everybody else the one difference is if your income is low enough covered california will pay up to 99.9 percent or more of the cost of your health insurance plan and you just pay the remaining one dollar a month and for your big picture thinkers that's 12 a year also for those folks.

Who do have higher incomes you are still able to get help paying for your health insurance plan up to 600 percent of the federal poverty level which is around 160 000 a year for a family of four but it will likely be more than one dollar a month reason number four unlike in the beginning of the affordable care act.

The medical world has adapted and even embraced the affordable care act plans this is because they see the value of having an exchange that gives millions of people the option to go see a doctor and to get help paying for it that being said right now 90 of doctors in california now accept one of the plans through.

Covered california they may not accept all the different plans through covered california but they do accept one of them so that means that a majority of the doctors that you will likely want to go see will be covered by one of the plans through covered california so reason number five this one is specifically for.

Folks here in california and that is getting any plan through covered california will ensure that you are not penalized for going without health insurance for 2021 now just in case you didn't know there is still a tax penalty in california for people who go without health.

Insurance in fact in 2021 it kind of just went up so for next year the tax penalty is at a minimum of 750 per adult or 375 dollars per child for folks who forego any sort of health insurance coverage this health insurance coverage can really be through anywhere so work medicaid parents plan va tricare covered.

California or any plan that meets the full covered standard the penalty is collected through the california franchise tax board and because it's state-based it's not affected by the federal changes to the insurance penalty in fact if you're curious about what your penalty might be.

I'll put a link down below in the comments to the ftb's insurance penalty calculator and you can see what you might have to pay if you don't get some sort of health insurance coverage for 2021. last but not least keep in mind that december 15th is the last day to apply for health insurance through covered.

California if you want your plan to start as of january 1st and have coverage for the whole year especially right now with healthcare is more important than ever and getting vaccines and treatment for the virus may be something that we will all need to do.

Having full coverage healthcare that is affordable is the best option to ensure that me you your family and the community as a whole can get through this pandemic and get back to life as we remember now this has been your five-minute healthy dose and i hope that you found it interesting.

Or helpful or at least useful and if you did please don't forget to like and subscribe that way you can get updates when our newest and most informative videos become available so that's it for me and for california i'm michael wishing you a happy healthy day.


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