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Hi there i'm tom cat says I'm an insurance broker in Southern California and I sell quite a bit of health insurance and often times people want to know tom what's the difference between ppl policy and an HMO policy PPO the acronym is preferred provider organization HMO the acronym is health maintenance organization the classic HMO.

Would be Kaiser Permanente you buy the policy from the Kaiser Permanente and you have a gatekeeper or your specific doctor if anything goes wrong with you during the course of that your other than bona fide life-threatening where you should get to the quickest hospital right away but other than that when you're in a health maintenance.

Organization or HMO and you're not feeling well you think you might have tweaked something playing tennis you think you might have an allergy reaction you think you might have a dermatological problem you first have to go to your HMO doctor he or she will then determine sometimes not your satisfaction if you need to see a.

Specialist they will make the referral to the specialist an HTML when it's wall run is a real good template but it is more tightly controlled you don't have as much power as you do with a preferred provider organization or PPO if you buy a plan that's a PPO you have a whole list of doctors in a book or online that do allergy dermatology surgery OBGYN.

Internist you can set your own appointment as long as that doctor is in that PPO directory they will accept what the carrier pays them you will have some copies in some out of pockets and some deductibles particularly with newer policies now we're record shifting a lot more that to you but many people prefer the PPO I have insurance who love their.

HMOs it's a matter what's best for you I'm Tomcats us a health insurance broker in Southern California hope you got something out of this you

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