Health Insurance : What Is the Difference Between an HMO & PPO?

Hello my name is Vic Schumacher. The companyis HPE Financial Services. The question we have today is what is the difference betweenan HMO and a PPO? This insurance organization and this industry has acronyms that don'treally make an awful lot of difference as to how people function. A PPO stands for preferredprovider network and an HMO stands for health maintenance organization. The difference betweenthe two is they are both organizations, one the organization pays the doctors ahead oftime and those doctors wait for you to walk in the door, that would be an HMO. The PPOis that this organization does not prepay the doctors ahead of time. These doctors canwork with the private sector as well. But no matter which one you work with, they willgive you a discounted price. The idea is,.

One organization will try to promote you towork with them only, the other approach is that the organization gives you a little moreflexibility. The PPO has more flexibility than the HMO but there is no real big differenceas far as the type of care that is done and that's the important thing. Find a doctorthat you enjoy working with and stick with that, whether it's an HMO or a PPO. My nameis Vic Schumacher; the company is HPE Financial Services, helping people everyday.

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