Health Plan Types: HMO vs PPO vs EPO

Confused about the differences between HMOs PPOs and EPO health plans a health maintenance organization or HMO is a fully integrated health plan and service provider under a single Network you pick a primary care doctor and when necessary that doctor will refer you to a specialist within the HMO Network a preferred provider organization or PPO.

Offers a wider range of choice you can see specialists without a doctor's referral and even visit out of network providers an exclusive provider organization or EPO provides a hybrid of the other two you can see a specialist without a referral like a PPO but you must still remain within the network so with an HMO and an EPO you must be sure.

That your medical providers are in network with an EPO and a PPO you have the choice of picking specialists without a primary care physicians referral but with a PPO you have the widest choice out of network coverage and even have the option to pair high deductible plans with health savings accounts any questions contact luma t.

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