Healthcare decisions: PPO or HMO?

Well HMOs versus PPOs HSAs or FSA's it can get super confusing by now you may be really deep into those health insurance terms and all the options as you decide which plan is best for you and your family all this week the let Joe know team will be there helping you make that decision they'll be looking at how to determine which plan is the most.

Cost efficient how some Arizonans can get free coverage and this morning the differences in plans that you may be offered right now most Arizonans with health insurance get it through their employers 45% according to recent stats and many plants come with a big decision go with a PPO preferred provider organization or HMO health maintenance.

Organization a good way to put it Joe is a choice is expensive the fewer choices you have the less you pay allinger's vaq is a health care navigator with Arizona Alliance for community health centers and says don't pick plans based only on the premium how much you pay for coverage each month if you have a really low premium you're.

Gonna pay more when you see a doctor or when you have a medical need jersey says you must compare deductibles how much you pay before insurance pays a percentage co-pays what you pay for each service and the out-of-pocket max what you pay before insurance pays at 100% HMOs will likely cost less while you have co-pays premiums are lower with low.

Or no deductible but for that you get fewer doctor choices and you have to see your primary care doctor before you can see a specialist and anything out-of-network is only covered if it's an emergency if you don't have an HMO option you likely have several PPO plans same comparisons apply in a PPO you can choose from more doctors and hospitals.

Normally they're generally more expensive and in most cases you can go see a specialist without seeing a primary care doctor PPOs are more flexible you can use in network or out-of-network Docs but they're more costly there are multiple deductibles to meet out-of-pocket limits can be high premiums cost more compare deductibles.

The lower they are the higher premiums usually cost Jurek says if you have an employer plan option it's your most cost efficient because employer pay part of the costs go to ABC slash let's show no for links to all of this information I'm investigator Joe to see if you've got a problem let me know.

Joe thank you at tomorrow the let Joe know team looks it how to choose a health plan on Wednesday options recovery out-of-pocket costs Thursday do you qualify for free or low-cost insurance in Friday where to go if you need help deciding on a plan

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