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Okay in this video I want to show you how to go about finding the the best health care provider in your state and I was looking around quite a bit because I'm looking for health insurance for myself and the best place that I have found while searching for a few hours as Consumer Reports they did they put out a basically a long summary of the best.

Insurance companies and they and they rank them from five to one as far as you know consumer satisfaction prevention and treatment and of course if they're accredited and you know you could basically what you could do I'll go ahead and put the link in the body so you can just go directly because Consumer Reports and it's very telling.

And you know some of the ones that some of the insurance companies not to mention any names that I thought you know we're great you know they have like a one or two star rating in treatment prevention a lot of things and then so I'm willing to pay a little bit more per month to get you know one that has good ratings so like when you go when you go.

To a Consumer Reports page they you could rank it from overall score high to low but you can see there and you could alpha alphabetic through a through Z alpha tosit kind of customer satisfaction how to love in treatment prevention high/low but the one I say to go to is the overall score so for example if we go here to the.

State you can do in a private HMO private PPO the Medicare and then state let's say if you choose for example let's say you choose Pennsylvania alright then you go alright and then this is going to show you for Pennsylvania the number one and out of a hundred you know you want to get close to her as you can for example in.

Pennsylvania for they got like this one company and I can't even pronounce it's called Gaza your health plan gets five out I mean again it you know total of eighty able to get five on all three of the things to go for health health america pennsylvania is an 87 out of 100 which is really good you know if you go from low to high you know you can see.

Here here's some very reputable companies that get like a three which is actually not as bad as my state my state had a lot of ones and twos there on the very bottom so I'd recommend going there before you choose if there's one that you're leaning towards I'd recommend you google it and you can google it what you do is.

Just you just type in the the name of the insurance company you're thinking about and then type in and review and then you can see here you know what the reviews like this particular one that is typed in has 472 complaints with one star okay so you could do what you want to with me I'm not going to go with that particular company and then when you go.

To you have this year huh it's December the 14th you got till tomorrow December 15th to apply to get to to get covered start getting coverage by January the 1st of 2015 however if you sign up about February the 15th I believe you can get coverage start in April the 1st so and you can get started without actually having to put your.

Information and you select your state a little Alabama here and then you can see plans and prices and a good of course they call it Obamacare as well to go that go there is go to and then you type in your zip code whatever it is let's see I'll type in.

Some random zip code now let's say my income is 25,000 all right let's say my age is 50 and I'm a smoker a lot of people have not been putting smoker when they are smokers of course it's always good to be honest and then you're done with this step and it you know the lower income you make the more of a tax credit you get I.

Put twenty five thousand on here this is the house called the household may be eligible for two hundred seven per month premium tax credit to use right away to lower your monthly premium cost okay so we start out with the plans you know this you can go through three different plans there's bronze silver and gold and I know some states actually have.

Platinum but basically what that is is the more money that you pay in every month the lower your estimated deductible will be so for example this is crazy this is like forty four bucks per month that you would pay but in order you pay that but when you start going to the doctor and you start getting procedures or whatever you have.

To spend a total six thousand dollars that's your estimated deductible you have to start paying $6,000 in order for it to start kicking in to where your insurance company will start paying so the more estimated monthly premium you pay let's say if you pay four or five hundred dollars I've seen where you can pay for five hundred bucks a month in.

Your estimated deductibles zero so you don't you know they'll automatically start paying so you know you need a way your your pros and your cons if you if you or if you think you're pretty healthy you can go ahead with a lower premium if you're not healthy then you probably better to go with a higher power premium in order to offset your.

Costs and then of course it lists here the co-payments with you know primary doctor specialist I see you know generic drugs they usually see around ten or twenty bucks and on your plan but anyways that's a little rundown I think I'm basically just want to address the best way to choose the best health health insurance.

Company for you because I think that's where a lot of people get stumped I mean you could get a good plan that you think is good and then all sudden you get all these reviews where people are having or being hassled where I saw one incident where one company you know the doctor suggested one treatment and the night before they were bet to bet go into.

Treatment you know they got a call from their doctor and saying hey we can't we can't do that procedure we don't think we don't deem it necessary the insurance company didn't deem it necessary to do the operation and when I looked on consumer reports their credit you know the rating was like one for prevention so keep that in mind alright I hope you.

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