HIDDEN FEATURES of Coin Market Cap 🤫 In-Depth Tutorial

Alright guys, today we will be taking a deeperlook into all of the hidden features on coinmarketcap.com These are the tools that many people don’teven know about, but may give you an extra edge when you are making your trading or investmentdecisions! Welcome to CoinMarketCap Tuesday Tutorials,where we make it easy for you to get the most out of all the crypto tools out there. I’m Trev and here at CoinMarketCap, we lovemaking videos about “all things crypto.” If you want more videos like this videos, make sure to hit the like button down below! So last time, we talked about all the mainfeatures the site has to offer, including the coins you can see on the main page, they are sorted by Market Capitalization.

Now, while Market Capitalization is a very importantmetric, it shouldn't be used as the sole metric to evaluate the overall performanceof a coin. Because… market cap cannot, for example,account for who holds a coin. If developers or “whales” own a significantportion of a coin’s total circulation, any movement on their part could result in massiveprice swings, yet this imbalance would not be reflected in what is seemingly a healthymarket cap. that is why,While Market Cap is a great Starting Point , you have to look deeper, dive deeper intowhat the project actually is and its potential. And all this information, you guessed it correctly,can be found on Coin Market Cap.

You can look at price movement daily, weekly, Look at volume aka how many coins actuallychanged hands. And dive deeper with your own criteria… AS YOU KNOW, we all have strengths and weaknesses… We all have areas of interests where we havea better informational advantage. And you can create your own custom search,to find the projects that best suit you Following your interests, following the industriesyou are most familiar with, and where you can see blockchain technology having a real impact. For example, one of my latest interests isPlay2Earn and Crypto Games.

So I can go on the site, select Games, andthen I would have a list of all the projects I wouldn’t necessarily see on the very firstpage, but may still be great. We can also dive even deeper with our criteria,let’s say I’m also looking for some staking opportunities. Narrowing down our search even further. (do the camera switch)What are your interest? And which projets are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below! Now, once you select a specific project, youcan go into it and find all the information.

You will need to make an educated decisionof how to proceed forward. You have links with everything related tothe project. From it’s general website, to resources,to social media accounts. There is a chart you can reference, and customizebased on your needs and time frames. Coin page chart / Trading view integrationbtc If you are looking to go deeper and do TechnicalAnalysis, you can actually do that directly through CoinMarketCap! All you do is select a coin, scroll down tothe charts. This first chart that you see will be a linechart, but you can easily click on TradingView.

And off you go! Here you can use whichever indicator willhelp you make the appropriate trading or investment decision. If you are new to crypto, make sure to watchour Precision Trading series, where we dive deeper into what each Technical Indicatordoes and how to use them properly! For example you can use (show on screen) Supportand Resistance Lines, Fibonacci numbers, RSI, MACD. The options are limitless. Then, if we wanted to see another coin, wecould just hit this icon *hitting coin/usdt.

Icon to then select another coin. Or if we wanted to compare this coin to anothercoin, we can hit this compare button and type in that coin. Coin Converter Page btcNow, one of the amazing things about CoinMarketCap is its Coin Converter feature, which is perfectif you live abroad and need to change to a different currency. You can simply hover your cursor on the topright corner on Currency Selection and select your desired choice. We can do the Indian Rupee, we can do thePhilipine Peso, the Russian Ruble.

Wherever you are in the world, CoinMarketCaphas the information you need! About xmrNext, you have a detailed section about the specific crypto asset, with links and articlesto learn more about it and do your research as thoroughly as you want it to be. “Even though it’s commonly thought thatBTC can conceal a person’s identity, it’s often easy to trace payments back to theiroriginal source because blockchains are transparent. On the other hand, XMR is designed to obscuresenders and recipients alike through the use of advanced cryptography.” Now, we are also a community and we care aboutyour opinion.

That’s why you can also check what the majorityof CoinMarketCap users think about a specific coin, by clicking on the Estimates. And even make your own estimate of where youthink it will go! Coin page market tab xmrNow, once you’ve done your due diligence and your analysis, you can seamlessly checkwhere you can acquire the crypto asset. For example, if you wanted to trade XMR, yousimply click on “Markets” and you can see the different exchanges offering the cryptoasset and its price. You can see the liquidity and volume levels,which is how the exchanges are sorted. Not only that, but if you are an advanceduser, you can see the exchanges offering Perpetual.

And Futures contracts for the specific coin. News / Content eth Next, beyond the markets you have the latestnews! As much as we all want Crypto to be mass adoptedand mainstream, it is still in its early stages, with coin prices easily affected by the latestupdates and even tweets. So you need to stay on top of the crypto news,which you can also easily do on the coin page. Right here! We also have our Daily News Show, where weyou bring you the latest updates. Make sure you are subscribed to it on ourYouTube channel!.

Talking about news, you need to stay aheadof what is happening and especially the latest ICOs. You can easily click on Calendars, and seethe ICO Calendar, where you’ll be shown a full list of some of the latest up and comingcoins and tokens. But remember to do your own research! So what did you guys think of this list ofhidden features? Comment below. And if you have any questions don’t hesitateto ask in the comments below! Thank you so much for joining CoinMarketCapon this week’s episode of Tuesday Tutorials,.

Where we make it easy for you to get the mostof all the crypto tools out there. I’m your host Trev and now I pass the challengeto you, it’s in your hands to get more people to understand crypto and all of its potential. Make sure to share this video with a friendor family member and get them to subscribe! And if they have any crypto questions, tellthem to just Ask Alex, the link is below. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you nextTuesday!

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