Hirst Versus Beeple: The Battle for the Most Expensive NFT Art

Digital artist Beeple [Mike Winklemann] & conceptual artist Damien Hirst compete for the most expensive NFT art project. Beeple sold a JPEG collage via Christies for over $69,000,000, and now Hirst wants a piece of the pie (the lion’s share). He claims to have already set in motion — starting 5 years ago — an exciting NFT art project including 10,000 works of art. Can blue-chip, contemporary art superstar Hirst defeat upstart Beeple? Note that there is virtually no correlation between what art sells for, and its inherent value.

———— Contents of Video ————

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Hirst defends not making his own paintings
0:42 – Beeple talks about knocking out his pieces fast using 3D models
1:02 – Hirst announces a grand art project that competes with Beeple
1:38 – Beeple background and his “Everyday’s” series
2:11 – Examples of Beeple’s awful drawings
3:13 – Beeple says he would never call himself an artist
3:33 – Examples of Beeple’s “Everyday” series
6:03 – Beeple Instagram sensation
6:16 – Beeple’s $66,666,60 Trump/Biden animation
8:26 – Beeple sells collage of first 5,000 Everyday’s for $69,000,000 at Christies
9:01 – Beeple gets too big, and Hirst wants a showdown
9:15 – Beeple’s sale at Chrisite’s is the 3rd highest for a living artist
10:03 – Hirst plans to sell 10,000 works compared to Beeple’s 5,000
11:01 – Hirst’s “Cherry Blossom” painting series he sold for crypto
12:08 – Blue chip contemporary art steps into the arena to displace digital art for NFTs
12:43 – Interviewer calls out Hirst for work that is sh_t
12:59 – Hirst not a digital artist
13:43 – Beeple downloading and assembling models into easy digital works.
14:24 – Beeple is already the Hirst or Koons of the digital art world
15:02 – Digital art to be replaced by click-bait
15:32 – Who will be the NFT art god?
15:53 – Real digital artists will have to struggle for table scraps

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Hopefully I’m wrong about the state of the current NFT art market, and people have evolved more than I thought. Now THAT would be awesome.

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