Honest Review of AIL – Working from Home During Pandemic – Selling Life Insurance

With american income life insurance and this ismy dog over here that won't stop whining so i'm sorry if she just keeps whining during this so thereason i wanted to make this video i never make videos but i just recently started working withthis company called american income life insurance i i spent about 500 or so becoming an insuranceagent and you know what i'm fairly confident in my abilities to sell and i think that i couldonly get better so i didn't think it would be such a bad idea so i'm here in the you know in themiddle of the pandemic i get to do it from home i'm really happy about that a lot of thepeople that are posting about this company are talking about it pre pandemic post pandemiceverything is done from the home there's no driving two different places and um i wouldn'thave done it if that were a part of the job.

The group that i'm with that is particularly veryaccommodating like we all help each other out we don't just like there's not this um cutthroatcompetition to be the best everyone's like trying to help everyone else outlike giving them good lines to say we don't care if we steal each other's stuffum and we just want to help people who like our members of unions which you guys know areworking class people so i don't see any harm in it if anything if you don't see the value in a fourthousand dollar like small benefit then i really think that you just don't understand the valueof insurance and i'm not here to sell you on insurance but i'm here to ask you when's the lasttime that you actually had a conversation about it and it's probably never because the last timei had a conversation about it before this job.

Was like me just trying to ignore my mom i'mlike insurance ugh whatever whatever mom no i'm not gonna talk that not do insurance likeand she's talking about getting insurance and for my daughter you know but really thereare a lot of benefits to having it and it's an actually it's actually a good way to save moneybut that's something that i'm not going to go into right now what i'm saying is do your research oninsurance and see if there's anything good about it because not all not all insurance salesmenare snake oil sales people some of them are like they didn't do well on the test you get youcan you can become an agent really easily because i'm in california and you only need to havea 60 percent to pass the licensing exam 60 so i passed within 80 pretty proud of that butgeez like 60 so i i understand the the stigma of.

Being an insurance salesman but at the sametime no there is another side to the story and i'm not being forced to recruit other peopleso it's not a true multi-level marketing program i am trying to recruit other people andi get 750 dollars if i get if i do that and they make and they sell something so that'sincentive but you know the reason people aren't commenting on these videos talking [ __ ]about insurance sales and ail is because uh all the ail insurance employees arebusy calling people they're not like going to respond to comments like they literallywould spend the whole day calling people because there's like one call just one call damn you lola she [ __ ] up my lastcall but anyway just if you get one good.

Call that could make you like you know i'lljust tell you realistically between 200 dollars and up to however much in my at my companythe highest would probably be a thousand dollars but a lot of us get into this before residualincome meaning if i make money on selling something today i make a smaller percentage ofit just going forward every year and that adds up so that's why people become insurance salespeople uh it's like having royalties as a musician so in any case i hope that clarified somethingfor you guys i just like i was on the other side of the table once i knew what it was like to notknow anything about insurance and to be annoyed at an insurance people so it's really ironicthat i am now an insurance sales person but i was surprised to see that there was actualvalue in it so do you dare to do your research.

That's what i'm asking you okaypeace out happy thanksgiving month

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