you are welcome to remy trade academy my name is paradise and now we're bringing you this cryptocurrency video in this video i'll be talking about binance launch pad we see two days ago binance just announced a new launch pad right there on binance launch part so in this video i'm going to show you how you are.

Going to participate in the binance launch pad the step-by-step process and how you can benefit from this very launch pad greatly and most importantly the risks involved in participating in binance launch pad now if there is anything i will advise you guys to participate in to get yourself involved is the binance launch pad and right here.

By now just announced the better launch pad right there on banner so what you have to do right here is to log into your bonus account then ensure your account is verified then you go your ide and then you move to launchpad or you simply click on this very icon right here and it will take you to this very page on the launch pad so the question.

Is what is binance launchpad so binance launchpad will help you do a lot of so what is the launchpad how can i participate and how can you gain from the launchpad binance launchpad is a token launch platform on binance so the launch pad helps blockchain projects to raise funds that is the main goal of the binance launch part you know the reason.

Is because binance have a lot of customers that chose them so if a project want to actually raise funds finance is a good place to actually raise phone quickly because of the trust that binance users have in binance okay so right here you go over to this web page and then you go in and then you move straight away to.

Launch pad so right there on the binance launch pad we see binance announced the better finance launch pad now how will you participate in this very launch pad the first you have to do is you have to be a binance user and your accounts have to be verified that's the first stage the second one is you must have to hold bmb.

From the date of announcement of this very project now if you do not call b and b from the date of announcement you can start holding bnb now binance give it this preparation period for this very launchpad so you have to get in right away so if i view this this will come up and then the first thing you have to do after your registered binance user and.

Then you have to verify your account after the verification you must hold bnb that's the first thing so the first stage in the binance launch pad process is the preparation period now this preparation period help you rule b and b this is where user have to.

Hold b and b either they may be your spot wallet in your imaging wallet in your features wallet in your funding wallet in any of the binance wallet you have to be right there in that very particular wallet and the holding have started already so if you have not started holding b b participate in the beta.

Finance launch pad rally on binance start to buy b now and hold your bnb so that you can actually participate in this very launch pad so that's the first stage is the preparation period so right there let's first of all take a look at the economics of the beta token so right here we have the hard cap of 30 million usd and the total supply of one.

Billion better token and then the initial circulating supply is 16 of the total token supply so what this means is the hard cap that is the money they are expected to generate from binance is three million us dollars and then the initial circulating supply of this token will be released into circulation is 16.

100 percent of this very token right year and then the public sale of this talking on binance will be 0.06 usd that means and you are going to be using dnb to buy this particular token so that is why you are advised to bnb the only token allowed to use in buying tokens on launchpad is dnb so you.

Have to hold bmd there will be a benchmark price for bnb that you'll be using to buy this token right there on binance launchpad and then the token offer for buyers for this sale period is 50 million beta token and then hard cut per user this hard capper user means that if you want to participate in this very particular launch pad 20 000.

Is the maximum amount you can use in bnd to buy this very particular token that means a single person or a single user on binance cannot buy more than 20 000 u.s dollar watts of beta token using their bmd and then we have here no lock period this means that no token will be locked after the token says l token will be distributed into.

Circulation or release into circulation so here we have the token type the token type here is dep20 and erc20 this means that this very particular token which is the beta finance is built on the smart chain this is binos matching which is the bep20 protocol and also the ethereum chain which is the erc20 protocol now at the end of the token.

Sale all token will be distributed that's what it means so token distribution after the end of talking sales so right here we have seen the economics of this very particular launch pad so what we need to do first of all since we have seven days left right here you have to would be if you don't have bnb in your account you can buy bmb as.

Well now remember that the quantity of beta finance you can buy is subject to the quantity of bmb you are holding so if you are holding little bmv from the binance calculation during the bnb holding calculation period will be given to you in relation to the quantity of vmb you are holding so if you are holding small bnb you are going to be.

Giving a small quantity of this very token now if you are holding a large quantity of bmd you will be given the opportunity to buy more of this token so the first period is the preparation period where you have to actually start holding b and b from this very time right there of the recording of this video till the end of.

The token preparation period which is on the 8th of october 2021 so after the preparation period we have the subscription timeline and then the association timeline the one year is the baby holding calculation period so binance have to calculate the number of users that will maybe within this period the quantity of bmpd who and then they.

Will now allocate this very token in relation to the quantity of bnb that we are holding during these eight days then after the very calculation period you will have this subscription period the calculation period initiated and then the final token period distribution now this final token distribution happens in a very short while now all.

This period the association period time the calculation period and the final token distribution will happen in the space of about five to six hours and you see it yeah right here this association period starts exactly on the 8th of october at 7 utc and then the calculation period starts at 11 the same dates utc and then the token.

Distribution period will be initiated by 12 utc on the 8th of october 2021 that is this very month right here so right now all you need to do buy by bnb hold and then on the 8th of october the subscription period is going to start by 7 utc now this subscription period is a period where you have to log into your.

Account and then subscribe that means the bb you already been holding you have to use it to buy the token right there on bonus platform and i am going to do that video practically right here on binance as well and then after you subscribe this very period that is by 11 utc on the 8th of october 2021 binance would then do.

The calculation period the calculation period is when binance is going to calculate people that participate in token and all of those and then the final distribution period is where the token will be distributed and the token will reflect right in your sports wallet so that is a breakdown on how you can participate on binance launchpad.

Better finance remember better finance is a permissionless money market for lending borrowing and short selling crypto so this should tell you that it is a defy project it is a d5 project so we have here the token sales on binance one better finance is equal to 0.6 usd and then the token offer right yet for binance launch pad is 50 million and.

Then the hard cap by user i've talked about it is 20 000 if you want to take a deep look at what better finance is all about you go to the white list or you go to the website right here and then you do further research so that is how you participate on binance launch pad now one more thing finance launch pad is always very very.

Profitable out of 100 of their launch pad i can tell you that 95 percent of the launch pad is always great the risk is this when you participate in the binance launch pad and you hold b b let's say for example you buy b b at 350 dollars and b b starts going down all through the period of holding okay you will still get you.

Are talking about you see the price of bnb where you bought bnb is already down okay so if you want to participate you have to also pick that risk into consideration the risk is what if you buy b b and b b starts going down the truth is for the token this token i am expecting this token to do 500.

500 from this very token i am very sure of that this token will do 500 so you have to participate in it despite the risks ensure you take that risk into consideration very well and then ensure you participate on better finance now when you've already getting the better finance token and it is listed because it's going to be listed on the 10th of.

October 2021 right here after the final token distribution period by 12 utc is going to be listed on finance what you have to do is you look at it very well and monitor the charts that is monitor how price is moving and then sell off at a good price thank you very much guys for watching today's video if you are new to the.

Channel please ensure you subscribe to this channel hit that like button and don't forget to turn on the bell notification one more thing and if you have not released on binance okay x please check the link in the description of this video and register right now so you can participate on this very launch pad.

Thank you for watching and i will see you in the next video you

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