Good everyone welcome back to my channel if you're not subscribed please do it and subscribe i also share the videos to those who you think might need it all right so a number of times i know i have asked the question where can i get um coins before they are listed on buying us.

Because it is believed that once uh the coin is listed on binance um used to increase in value the price is a spike so most people would want to buy get a coin before it has been listed on binance to take advantage of the price difference between when it is.

Not listed and when it is listed all right so i'll let's go to launchpad basically what you need for this method you need three apps your chrome browser your binance app and um trust wallet all right okay so all you do now is go to launchpad.

All right so these are the coins being found all right so these are the coins here now the first coin is has already started trading tko has already started trading but um clm has not started trading all right so we will look for where to buy this.

I'll show you where to buy this coin before it's been listed on buy now so once it is listed you can send the coin to binance as well all right now let's let me show you it has not been listed right tko actually the first one was listed tko you see it's already trading for t.

Tl m has not been listed alright so all you have to do is take note of the abbreviation then you go to you go to um your browser and search for tlm coin all right okay so we are concerning this site coin markets the

All right so let's open it all right so you see that it's already trading at five point four five dollars all right so let's say you want to buy this coin before it is listed on binance all right so all you have to do here is if you want to read about the coins.

The coin you can also read or mostly what i do is i come to this contract and i there is this sign at the your right your your right here just tap it okay now what i'll do is i'll copy the binance smart chain a copy.

All right then i'll go to my trust wallet go to my trust wallet okay i'll look for pancake swap okay but before you do this you need to have an amount of dmb in your trust wallet all right bnb or you cannot yes for luffy you can have bnb.

All right for you to be able to that you can buy bmb from finance and send to your trust wallet all right all right so remember we copied the contract um the contract um uh address in a coin market so what we do is.

You open this if you have bnb i don't have bnb now because i'm just illustrating so but i have another coin all right so i'll touch it press max all right then i'll paste now look at this other parts to i just touch this select currency touch it now paste.

The address i copied on coin market site i'll paste it all right and i'll add it all right i've added it all right i've added it so you see it's giving me okay so all i have to do is approve once i approve then the rest is history approve.

Then you come you you um confirm your transaction all right just like i said you need an amount of bnb in your wallet so try and get bnb in your trust wallet all right so once you buy it now it will display in your trust wallet so you should in case you forget what i said was that.

Once you see a coin that is about to be listed on binance go to coin market and copy the contract address on bnb you can also copy some other contract address too but i prefer um dna smart um chain um address so you copy it and then you come and paste it and buy.

It from pancake swap all right so it's just a simple process if you don't know how to use this app still leave your comments leave your questions in the comment section and uh own site all right so once you buy it now it is displayed in your list of coins you have on trust wallet.

All right once you buy it you display there so all you just have to do is wait for binance to start receiving deposit for the coin and then you send it from your trust wallet to your binance when it is listed all right see you in my next video i make.


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