How To Catch A Crypto Spike Before Binance List A Coin

Hello guys adayami akiyami remin my ombuni in this tutorial i will be showing us on how to cache the big move of coins or talking before it is listed on binance what do i mean this is this is vinus okay now let's go on this.

Is the home page of miners now let's look at the gainers for today we can see the guinness here psg and juv why because they are listed today for trading on binance and in the history of look at the price goes to 43.

From 13 it used to be presently it's now on 33 now this is how you can actually cash on such big move whenever buyers is to list a coin for trading on their platform the price swirl the price jumps it's carrocates and as an investor that you are you want to cash on such.

Move because it doesn't just happen every time what do you need to do go to your banners account yeah this is what you should do once you go to your banners account go to your launchpad make sure you click on your launchpad every day once you click on your launchpad every day.

Look at under launchpad we have some this has already been completed it has been listed when they were listed there was a great surge move big move as you can see then that is it but here now we are talking about let's click on all we have.

Six in progress first and foremost binance released those coins or toki in the farm we call it farming for some periods of time like 30 days then you are expected to stick which means you are expected to use some of the coins like your bnb coin b usd coin.

To stake on those uh those tokens or coins that is expected to be listed this is one of the ways you can get it done but this way is very slow it's not going to end you as such because before this taking finishes the move must have been done.

What did i do different this is what i did different when i was trying to look at what's going to quickly invest on i make at least 100 of my investment immediately it is launched less than three days ago let me just say two days ago.

What i did was that i came to the launch part and i saw psg and u juv this is the juv i saw psg and juv i'm also very curious how could i get this information who is the owner of this coin which website is the original owner where do they originate from.

Then that brings me to the second question here which is the second requirement which is the coin coin codes app i went to my yes yeah remember the psg and the juv as was not yet they were not yet listed um on binance but they were only in banners launch pool so make sure.

You always check the launch pad or launch pool of burners every day monday and evening this is business okay and sure you check it every day by so doing you will get first and information uh ph g and juv the prices where it was like six dollars eight dollars.

Immediately seven days ago when banners releasing news announcing news of adopting these coins to their platform the price jumped to 16 and 15 dollars respectively so now it has been listed today and it went further it moved so i as you can see so what did.

I do i came to my coin codes and i typed here where it says search currency i i typed j u v immediately i typed juv it came out so let's wait for it let me say okay let's go for psg p s sg this is psg when i saw psg this way you can see now.

The price moved today by one that is 166 percent because it was listed today on binance this is what we are talking about so when you click on it what do you do next click on exchanges click on exchanges so that you will know where the coin originates from first check your launchpad i found.

Psg on my launchpad and i want to see where it came from i came to coincodes i clicked on it and i clicked on exchanges and i actually saw binance you see upbeat i've also listed it today but previously it was just by it was josh this is the origin nato chili's shelly's.

Is originator okay shelly's is originator i repeat so i only saw chili's there so when i click on chili's i say okay chili's chili's what do i go about it and i went to google and i typed chili's exchanger immediately i did it took me and i.

Signed up i was able to buy some psg and juv tokens immediately i bought it just less than two days ago today i just logged into the account and i saw the money has grown about 250 percent small i was like what from hundred dollars to 250 dollars you know 236.

And it was ranging you know because volatility uh fluctuates and it's as simple as this all you need to do is to buy some of the coins you buy it from the model website and all this that was what i did so today i bought more and i transferred it to binance because.

The price on buying us that then was more than the price on chili's let me see if this information is correct now this is the website and as you can see juv here juv as that now it is 30 dollars and psg.

As that now it is 35 juv 30 psg 35 so every now look at psg yes 36 but on the main website is 35 so it is easily you can confirm the information easily so this is just how i used to do it then let's go back and look for juve j u v here.

Okay when you click on it click on exchange is the same upbeat actually took the opportunity today so that the volume would be high but look at the volume today one day it traded to 123 million approximately 124 million of volume and the main website that owns it only.

Trades 6.5 million volume imagine that so this is the way to catch the spike on combiners i hope this video helps much love you remember kindly use my affiliate link to register yourself on chili's and to register yourself on binance i.

Remain your loyal guy thank you and god bless you

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