How to create NFTs(non fungible tokens) for photos and sell them on crypto marketplaces like Opensea

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You can checkout the NFT I created in the video on my Opensea collection here:

If you are interested in NFTs (non fungible tokens), Crypto, Ethereum or how other blockchain technologies may affect the photography industry, let me know and I will create more videos like this.

0:00 Intro to NFTs
0:40 What is an NFT?
4:46 What is an NFT Marketplace?
6:07 How to create photo NFTs
9:05 Opensea NFT Collections
10:02 How to create an NFT on Opensea
16:14 What are NFT Gas fees?
18:54 How to sell your photo NFTs
21:10 How to promote photo NFTs
21:35 What are smart contracts

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