How to Find Coins & Tokens Before Listing to Market | Find Upcoming Crypto Projects & Get 10X Profit

What's up everyone welcome back to the channel in this video i will show you how to find coins and tokens before listening to the market as you know that uh investing in cryptocurrency is pretty much interesting whenever we are getting more profits so in this video step by step i will show you how to find your.

Coins meme coins in the platform that i am going to show you so let's get started before starting the video if you are new here make sure to subscribe the channel and press the bell icon while we upload a new video it should be the first one to get it is notification.

So through this video as at the beginning i told you that there are websites platform which you can find the coins coins mean meme coins the small coins tokens that you can invest or you can buy that in a pre-sale in order to get more profit in order to get 10x 100x or x profit at the same.

Time so here i will open the browser before navigating to the video navigate to into crypto check out the mining tutorials binance tutorials and other kind of views because every day we are uploading different kind of videos different cryptocurrency market updates through this channel so.

I will open the website the website called ico drops this is the first website that i am recommending you to find your coins meme coins or small coins tokens inside this website for the best investment to get more profits so if you go to the ico drops dot com here you can see the active ico the upcoming.

Ico or ended ico if we uh check the ico active you can see these are the this one is the ended 19 hour left four day and there are the date is still not mentioned here if you click in this you can see view all 12 active ico let me click on this you can check all the coins and tokens.

Which are currently active in the ico drops so this one is the upcoming ico upcoming ico or upcoming tokens coins that you can find from here like there is active in six hours it will launch in seven hour in 12 hour and there is january.

And again here you can check if you click on this you can see 309 token is now available so these are the coins or tokens which will be uh as a pre-cell or you can find before listing to the market so if these coins and tokens is not still available in the coin market cap or coin eco in order that you should get.

Their contract headers from there you should take focus on this you should have your vision on these coins once the date that it is launching on the market you should directly copy the contract data and buy on any decentralized platforms so again if you go back to the first page here you can see ended ico.

These are the ico that ended you can see 24 january 23 january 22 january 20 again here you can see these are the tokens that ended in the ico drops so the next website is control dot app you can see that the coin tool dot app is also here if we should check this or the token that currently live here is resell.

Notice started again here is pre-sale start again live pre-sale over pre-sale is stored you can check whenever you are investing on the coins in token you can check their fundamental analysis you can you can check their white paper you can check the background about the team.

About the ceo about their roadmap about their plans you can check each and everything whenever you are checking the pre-listing or before listing the tokens in the market so there is also pre-sale these are the token which you can find also in the coin tool dot f there are bundles of.

Tokens which will be listed soon in the market so you can check or you can pre-sell the tokens again here is the website you can check the dashboard the market the rpc server you can check even the nft is the guest price there is you can create your own token you can upload your own token here for as pre-listing or for a.

Pre-sale you can create your own token and upload on this website in order to put that for a pre-sale or for pre-listing token in the market so if we navigate to the next one is that is ico marks ico mark is also one of the best website which you can upload your own token your coin in this website.

So here is the first token if we should solid as a one tag you can see first january 2022 and here is the ended in uh will be end in 30 april 2022 here is the token that you can see 31 january 2022 and the token will be added to the market 28 february 2020 to 31 march 31.

December these are the tokens there are lots of token also you can find through this website and the next one is i do pre-sales you can find your token your favorite token also in this website in order to pre-sell that in order to buy that for a better investment in order to get more profit from these.

Tokens these are you can see soi and city project review soi and pre-sale ideo on polka starter you can see this will be launched on december 31 2021 launched into december also here is the token if you click on load more here you can find the tokens each and everything you can find in this.

Website about token information that you want and the next one is coin codex coin codex is also one of the best website this this will be the last website that i'm giving review about is that you can find your pre-listing token into the market or pre-sell tokens.

So here is the the first one you can see etheros global innovative solutions at the native cloud and there is my crypto city trivium travels these are the tokens you can see it 26 january 2022 again 26 uh january 2022 and here is the uh the date is confirmed here and mentioned that you can this token will.

Be added in the market you can start buying this token or you can start investing in these tokens again here april 2022 again here you can check each and everything there are also bundles of tokens which you can find in this website so guys those are the website that you can find your own your favorite.

Pre-sale token or you can find the token before listing to the market of cryptocurrency so guys i hope you enjoyed watching this video if the video was useful thumbs up the video share your noise comments in the below down comment section and thanks for watching i will see you in the next one.


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