How To Find New Crypto Projects! (SIMPLEST WAYS)

All right this was probably one of the most asked questions that i've ever received from dms comments emails and everything else and it was how do i find what kryptos to invest in what's my strategy on making sure they are legit and not just a scam and just how do i go about with everything crypto has gotten to a point now where there's legit new.

Projects being invented like every second and there's no way you can keep track of all of them it's literally impossible back when i first got started in crypto you would hear of new projects but not to the extent that we're seeing today and to make it even worse literally high schoolers or shoot maybe even middle schoolers can go out and.

Create their own crypto write a white paper and promote it as the next ethereum killer what look i'm not gonna lie i've put off making this video for a while and i honestly don't know why maybe just because it's years in the making from my personal experience through trial and error but youtube is the land of giving.

Knowledge away for free so who am i to complain all i ask in return is you guys smash that like button subscribe if you guys haven't already i make videos all about money finance crypto all that good stuff so please interact with my videos somehow so it boosts my video in the youtube algorithm yo yo yo what is up guys it's your boy faris and like i said.

In today's video i'm gonna be going over how i find these new crypto projects that end up doing really well and actually have a future which i think a lot of you guys are interested in yes and also go over what i look for in these projects when i do find them that show they are legitimate and not just scams and that they actually have real.

Use cases so i think that's enough for the intro let's see how you guys can find these amazing low-key hidden gems that will make you a lot of money alright so first how do i find these awesome new projects now this might shock you or it might not but i don't actually go out looking for these new coins i actually have them sent to me.

And you can too all you have to do is buy the course that i'll leave down the description box below never mind i'm just kidding i can't do you guys like that but in all seriousness they actually do come to me but probably not in the way that you would expect you see crypto is very new especially when it comes to new projects.

Being built on the blockchain and generally when something is really new how do they get the word across they market it they run ads tell influencers to promote it and all that stuff but with crypto you can't do that a lot of ad platforms don't allow ads to be run about crypto so what's the next best option word them out and how do you get.

Word of mouth across it's by sharing them on chats forums social media and all that stuff so like i said i don't go out looking for these projects they come to me now granted i am pretty deep in the crypto community but even if you aren't if you follow a couple crypto youtubers join a couple discord groups reddit threads probably best to stay.

Away from tic toc but you can do that too if you want you'll start to hear of new projects that a lot of people are talking about so as i scroll through my feeds on social media there's always something having to do with crypto and from that i usually pick and choose what i want to do more research on now you might be saying farce by the time you.

Wait to hear on social media or other youtubers talk about it you pretty much missed out on so much gains yeah that's true but you have to understand 99.999 of crypto projects are off flops and will not even be relevant in probably one year's time so i'm fine with missing out on some gains in the beginning to have a safer return in the future and.

Who's to say these coins won't go up just as much in the future as well and if it is something that really has true potential it definitely will go up but you have to be very careful because even when you hear of these coins on chats or youtube videos majority of the time they are just scams trying to get people to buy their coin or if you see someone.

Talking about it on youtube or any other person with the following you have to be careful because it could be a sponsored video where the developers or whoever is behind the project just paid them to talk about it they probably just gave them a script to read so in that case obviously they have no credibility because they didn't do any research on.

The coin they're just doing it for the back so now knowing all this this is actually a very smooth transition into knowing what to look for when you do come across these coins so you don't get caught up in the middle of a big scam and lose all your money man that was an amazing transition but there are a couple things i look at when i come.

Across new projects or it doesn't even just have to be a new project it can be with any coin that i personally haven't heard of so i have a special system you can think of it like a pyramid security of some sort each layer i look at something important anytime a coin doesn't pass on it gets the boot and i don't think twice about it if it passes.

Then it goes to the next layer and so on and so forth until it gets to the top and in my eyes it's an investible material so starting off with layer one is i do a quick who is lookup this pretty much gives me all the information i need to know about the website and the project the day the domain was created the day it will expire contact.

Information the country in which the domain was registered in which is all very important information i like to know for me age or how long the project has been around is a really big thing now obviously when dealing with crypto age is pretty much irrelevant because how fast everything moves and given the fact that it's still pretty new with.

Everything going on with crypto but i like to see the project be at least two weeks old before i start investing in it now this is just me and i would say i'm a pretty risky person when it comes to investments so if you're not maybe up the age to one month or maybe two months now after the age i look at the country in which the domain was created and if.

It was a third world country i throw it out right away now i have nothing against these countries but for some reason all these scams originate from those type of country alright so let's say that it passed stage one now it's going to stage two now this is the website stage here i go through the functionality and the ui of the website.

I try to focus on the smoothness of the website see if there are glitches or whatnot and i make sure all the buttons work and pretty much nothing is left unlooked at i also look at the pictures on the website to see if they are stacked photos sometimes i'll take the picture and do a reverse image google search to see if anything comes up see.

If the photos on the websites are poorly cropped and trust me i really do hope you guys don't fall for this because i've seen some horrible horrible edits like a child could have honestly done better putting these websites together also for me websites that use crazy verbiage that i can't understand i try to stay away from those as well like.

I've seen words that i've never ever seen in my life in the crypto space explaining what a project does if i can't figure out what you do in the first five seconds of scrolling the website i look the other way in this stage i'll also do research on the dev team if it is a real legitimate project they'll have the developers information.

With their pictures now granted all the new projects won't so for example uni swap one of the biggest dexes or decentralized exchanges doesn't but it's always a great plus to see so i'll look at the developers google them usually they'll have a linkedin profile i'll look at their previous projects see how long they've been crypto and you can say.

I pretty much just stock them i just want to make sure that they know what they're doing and actually are knowledgeable and believe in the project as well all right that completes i think stage three now going on to stage four this is the last thing i look at when determining if a project is worth it so it's going to be the community every.

Project has a community people who are active in these chats constantly talking about them supporting them and all that stuff that's what i like to look for usually they have social media links on their website which will most likely be a discord chat or a telegram chat i'll join them and see how active they are i like to see quite a bit of people in.

These chats i mean it all depends on how new the project is obviously you won't see a hundred thousand people within the first week of a new project i mean shoot if you do that's one heck of a project that got their word out but i like to see the community be active in these chats having multiple conversations pretty much to see the chat bumping.

Because if it's dry and no one is saying anything no one really cares about the project so why should you one thing you have to know when you are doing this is being able to control your emotions because many projects you research will only show you the good show how much money you can make show how much it's been up since launch date you have to.

Control your emotion and look at it from an unbiased view because the second you fall that's when they get you and you'll be crying because you lost all your money because like i said majority of the new projects are scams you just have to do a really good job finding ones that aren't with crypto right now a lot of it has to do with hype the coin that.

Everyone is talking about usually are the ones that see a huge price increase and it could be some random coin with no purpose but just because there's hype the price is up 10 20 50 x yeah you can make some quick money from it but you have to understand these coins probably won't be around for a long time because they have no use case the second another.

Coin comes out with just as much hype everyone will go into that one and the cycle will continue all over again now i'm not saying don't do this you can actually make a lot of money with hype of a coin and timing it correctly but the risk is there as well so you have to see how much risk you can handle now although i invest in new projects i.

Don't invest to the level that you guys probably think i do i still focus and put a lot of my money into the og coins that have been around for a while so the coins that are in the top 10 are top 20 of coin market cap with these coins you have the certainty that these coins will just vanish overnight yeah i know it's not fun seeing other coins being up 50.

In a day and only seeing yours being up two to five percent but if you want to play the long term game the og coins are the best way to go so for those of you that love the rush of finding new coins and investing in them early hopefully this video gave you some insight on what to look for so you don't invest in total scams and for those of you that don't.

Want to do this every time just remember there's nothing wrong with investing in these stable coins because we never know how high they'll go in the future as well but that is it for today's video guys if you guys are interested in buying crypto i suggest checking out they're the number one place you guys can buy crypto they have all.

The top cryptos you guys would ever like to purchase so if you guys aren't interested i'll leave a link to them down in the description box below but like i said that is it for today's video guys i hope you guys have a great rest of your day and i'll see you guys in next week's video peace

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