How to Find Upcoming Coins & Tokens on Coinmarketcap | Find New Listing Coins & Tokens on Coinmarket

Hey what's up guys welcome back to the channel in this video i will show you how to find coins and tokens before listing or the upcoming project inside the coin market cap so let's get started before starting the video if you are new here make sure to subscribe the channel and press the bell icon while we upload.

A new video it should be the first one to get it is notification so the coins or tokens it called meme coins or coins that you can invest on that and get more profit about 10x 100x or 1000x profit at the same time so in this video step by step i will show you how to find the tokens and coins or upcoming projects inside the coin market.

So i will open the browser before navigating to the video navigator into crypto check out the mining tutorials binance tutorials and other kind reviews because every day we are uploading different kinds of videos and cryptocurrency updates here open a new tab and type coin market cup so coin market cap is a place where you.

Can find uh the prices the information about all kinds tokens and all kinds so before finding the upcoming projects let's navigate to the condition of the market what's going on with the market as a market three days ago just crashed from forty three thousand dollar uh bitcoin crush from that to.

33 000 again here you can see bitcoin is now 2.40 just its price increased from 24 hour and the price is 35 927 here is the market cup today's cryptocurrency prices by market cup the global crypto market cup is 1.62 trillion and here is 0.48 percent increase over the last day.

If we go to the market dominance bitcoin dominance is 42.1 ethereum is 17.6 percent just covered so here is the ethereum 2383 dollar and here is the binance coin 359 dollar cardano one point zero two cent xrp 59.

Solana 88 63 dodge coin and here is 13 cent 17 dollar polkadot of a launch 62. these are the coins that you can check each and every prices inside the coin market so how to invest inside the meme coins or coins you cannot buy that in the centralized platform like there is binance coin x okay.

Coin these are the centralized platform you can check that exchanges inside category so where you can buy that you can buy that inside the decentralized platform like there is metamask or trust wallet so how to find that inside the coin market.

Cap those coins that give you more profit here is the calendar category if you click on this you can find the category ico calendar so click on this here is the projects the upcoming projects the ended projects or the ongoing projects that currently running on the market people are currently buying selling on that you.

Can check here is the ongoing projects like there is dragon water this is also token and there is 19 hours left and there is the goal 95 thousand dollar the next one is earth meteor mart and the 19 hours left 500 000 meter takes four days left and there is a quarter shift.

Six days left a daughter and there is eight days left minority there is two months left here if you should click on this view all six ongoing projects you can check here this one is the upcoming projects if you should click on this view all 11 upcoming projects you can check this one.

Is the first one second one and there is lots of uh tokens that you can find inside the upcoming projects for the best investment so if we should uh check there is the bac eco the ethereum eco with which network these are connected these tokens are connected with which network you can buy.

This for example if you should click on this here you can find out the contract letters each and everything like there is diabola you can find at the website like i should click in this here is the driver trading dot com and here is you can check the white paper you can.

Read in everything about the background of about the fundamental of a token inside finding the upcoming projects inside the coin market here is the contract address you can copy this from here available in the meto mosque with the ethereum you can buy this token with ethereum here is the website the first process you have to.

Enter your email letters in order to subscribe this and here is you can check the white paper you can check their own twitter you can check their telegram inside their website so here is the ended project the project that ended inside the coin market cup just uh added to the coin market cup and people just traded and.

Bought uh the coins tokens and they have taken their profit from these tokens and these are called ended projects like there are lots of ended projects which you can find in this uh category so guys uh it was about how to find the upcoming projects or a pre-listing token inside the coin market cape so i hope you enjoyed watching this.

Video if the video was useful thumbs up the video share your nice comments in the below down comment section at last don't forget to subscribe the channel for supporting us and thanks for watching god bless you i'll see you in the next one

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