How To Generate High-Quality Insurance Leads!

Hey welcome back interested in training I'm Cody Asche ins and I'm going to talk today about how to generate high-quality insurance leads I would say that and you would agree the number one problem insurance agents face is they do not get in front of enough people that's what we do stuff like this every single week every day we.

Put out content to help you if we took up a survey or a poll of the entire country of insurance agents the millions of insurance agents the number one thing we would hear back the number one problem would be prospecting related it would be I'm struggling to get in front of people consistently so today I want to talk to.

You about the whole lead process that we do here in my office at secure agent leads okay we we spend over a million dollars a month throughout our different brands generating high-quality leads on marketing and here it's trade leads we help about helped about four to five thousand agents a month with leads and today I'm going to go from start to.

Finish on our entire advertising process to get a lead for an insurance agent and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two about how to also start to do that as well okay so let's dive in alright so the first thing that we do is we have an ad okay that we put up typically it's typically it's on social so that maybe.

Facebook that maybe Instagram that maybe YouTube and it maybe Google okay and from that ad they are going to they are going to which which says for us okay it's important that it says the word insurance because there's a lot of advertising out there that is not extremely direct I want to walk I want to I want I want to tell you not only.

What our process is but why I think it's so important okay it says the word insurance we have a custom video that we build for every single prospect every single day every single agent that is based on that is based on your area because every area is different and you need to cater your advertising to that person specific area then from that we.

Have a button okay so where they can choose to learn more and that button would typically be get quote so they're expressing information and getting a quote for an interest agent they're putting up their hand saying I would like more information okay from there we will take them to a landing page this is where they start to go through our.

Funnel on this landing page there would be information there would typically be another video and there would be a forum where they and it's a blank form where they can actually express information on doing business with you and getting more information to see if they can qualify okay and on that form on that form we will get information we will get.

Information like name address city state phone age and favorite color for the agent or the appointment center to use as a secret word to remember so on our form we'll have seven fields okay we've had forms in the past that have eight or nine we find that seven does very well okay also from there we will take them once they fill out the blank form and.

Actually give us all their information we will take them to a thank you page okay and from a thank you page the agent can choose the I'm sorry the prospect can choose to go one of two ways on the thank you page they can choose in that they want to actually we want to send an inbound call to the agent or or we want to actually set an appointment and so.

That's where we will actually drive them to your calendar on a point montano link they'll typically typically say okay would you like scheduling it for over the phone or in person and how much covered you looking for and how's your health normally one two three questions they'll answer those will provide their name and.

Email and they'll actually schedule a physical appointment I would say that when we use appointments typically about about thirty to forty percent will actually schedule an appointment if your talent link is set up appropriately okay and then inbound call wise typically about twenty to thirty percent especially if we add the five-day.

Automated follow-up okay so that's one of the first things okay and then from there we can actually send the leads to an agent either in either in a Google sheet or all of the above by the way Google sheet email and we can actually send the lead to the agent on a on a lead card printout that is already totally filled out okay so from start to.

Finish we have an ad that says insurance with a custom video based on their area with a get quote button to take them out of that social platform into a landing page where they can express more information and see a form that is blank that's how you can drive more accurate information okay – a form of seven fields and then they take them to a.

Thank you page where they can determine ok do I want to call in or do I want to set an appointment because that's where a lot of times you want for me I like the calendly link and I want them setting an appointment via calendly okay but there's some call centers at the different places that actually prefer inbound calls and we can add five to me.

To follow up and actually drive their inbound call percentage I've seen it as high is about thirty four thirty five percent based on the number of leads that you were to get okay so that's where thank you page okay don't want to do to drive the call okay we let them know we let them even know we even put the.

Agents information on the thank you base let them know hey this agent has been respond to it has been assigned to help you okay now the agent can choose do I want the track try to drive inbound calls or do I want to try to drive automated appointments okay so that's where I mean we had a recent campaign where out of 20 leads think that eight.

Appointment set automatically by having the calendly link on the Thank You page and actually encouraging that person to take a second click the button to actually book with the agent now okay so that's really important then we talked about leads that's where we can actually send the agent the information okay or to yourself on a Google sheet in.

Real-time that populates you can send it through email okay you can even send it through text so you get a text alert and one of the one of the big things that we've been doing that everybody loves is a lead card printout where you actually physically get a printout of not only what the lead looks like okay but it also puts all the has all the fields it.

Describes the ad again and it pre pop it puts the clients the prospects information in the actual PDF that you can print out and take to them and say you know what cuz when your door knockin or show to the house or something like that you have that physical printout and it makes a lot of sense that you're able to walk up and say okay they say well I.

Don't remember doing this well does this help jog your memory okay it looked like this it said this and this is information you put what your favorite color was red I'm assuming that helps right okay so that by doing that that's how you can continue to get in front of more people because the big thing that a lot of agents struggle with is they.

Started with the prospecting the marketing getting in front of people right so when I started and I made 117k my first eight months in the business I focused on having cold callers that I would bring over from college college students it would cold call with me every Monday night we'd have call nights and I would always book 8 12 16 20 24.

Points every single Monday night for the rest of the week so I filled up my calendar and that's what agents need you need to fill up your calendar you need enough people to talk to you'd be scheduling appointments you need to follow the sets itself okay so in the grand scheme of things this is how you can generate.

High-quality insurance leads and create them by having an ad on social that says insurance with a custom video that is a this script driven it's got a voiceover it's based on the area get quote to a landing page with a blank form generating these seven fields which are most important typically okay with a thank you page where you can drive it to.

An inbound call or an actual appointment set to where that it actually becomes a lead and then you can receive the lead in different ways okay so if you ever or like this is too complicated then call our office eight three three four zero two four three six eight eight three three forty agent and here it's courage of leads we will do all of this on a.

Custom basis just for you if you love this video which I know you did I've got two other insurance agent training videos that you need to click on right here okay the first one is how to make a million dollars in one year and the second one is how to sell insurance during the holidays click on one of those I'll see you there.


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