How to Get Free TikTok Coin | Trick and Tips

Okay guys let's discuss some crucial step on how to get free tick tock coin without doing anything this is not a hack there is this particular website i stumbled upon a few days ago that gives free tick-tock coins for performing simple tasks the task ranges from downloading hubs.

And playing games on your phone once the application has been fulfilled you will be given free tick-tock coins in your account and as you can see in my tick tock coin balance i am currently having zero tick tock coin so in this video i'm gonna walk you through how to have up to 10 000 tick tock.

Coin doing nothing on tik tok so all you need to do is to fix this website provide your tick tock username click on claim coin and perform this input task and within this space of five minutes you will be given the chosen tick tock coin in your tik tok account so what i'm.

Going to do now is i'm going to walk you through this tab the first thing you want to do is uh type the link on the video screen on a browser and and you'll be taken to this page once you're on this screen you then need to input your tiktok username then to check.

Your ticktock username just follow the steps profile which is your tick tock profile name then the next you want to do is you want to check your tick tock username here that's multi-talk username i think username is adida.

Id so you too can just use your own tick tock username so i'm going to copy that tick tock username and go back to mine or to the page i want to claim the free tick tock coin so just input the name and after that you want to click on the connect button once you selected the connect button then you see connecting on the screen.

And different available tick tock coin to claim would pop up so what i just want to do is i'm going to claim or let's say 25 000 free tick tock coin i'm going to select 5 000 free ticket coin and the screen should be loading and it's starting to be generating the free ticket coin and you can see it in 5 000.

Generated successfully and while performing the validation you should see automatic verification so you got to do this manually so what does this means this means that or just click on the verify now button once you select the verify now button you will be prompted to download.

Uh or perform some tasks in getting the tick tock or free coin on your account and the first thing you see on the screen in my own case is it says verification will take about two minutes all i need to do is download install and run one free apps from google play store to.

Hang coins so all i'm going to do now is i'm going to proceed to download and install these apps then click on the download button once you've downloaded any of these apps and install it on your phone perform the task you are ordered to perform and the connection will automatically.

Confirm the verification manually and you see checking completion once you've completed the task instantly the page that says uh tick tock coin verification page would automatically show that you will be given your allotted tick tock which is 25 000 tick tock that.

Is 25 000 free coin and as you can see there are about 150 of 171 69 179 online user that's currently using this portal to claim free title coins so if you try this and it works for you just leave a comment below to know whether you're able to claim the free ticket coin and it reflected in your tik tok account please if you if.

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