how to get free tiktok coins 2022 method working 100%

Hello guys today i will show you a tick tock glitch to get free followers and coins obviously everything will be free so make sure to follow my steps and guys don't forget to subscribe and to like the video first go to this website scroll down or click this button then we are going to choose the coins then.

Type your tick tock username and make sure it's correct after that use any amount of coins here to get them on your account for me i will choose 17 500 coins then we'll press add coins and guys this is completely safe so just make sure you follow my steps.

Press on mock button so we'll unlock our coins and it's gonna say complete two offers below to continue so we're gonna have to get the coins to completing two of these offers after i've completed the tasks it says open your account and check the coins as you can see so i will open the app so.

Guys as you can see i've got my free 17 500 coins and i can use it

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